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All About Your Corvette

A summary of this Vette tech series to keep you in the loop

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Several months back we began a series in Vette magazine to take a closer look at various parts of your Corvette. Even those of us that have bought, installed, and written about these products before had so many unanswered questions. So this became an opportunity for the Vette staff as well as the reader to benefit from the information provided by industry insiders. In addition, we were able to include a buyer’s guide in the web exclusive version to help you sift through various aftermarket options, including price, part number, options and other details. In fact, you’ll find plenty of extra information in the web version. Look for sidebars at the end of the story that go into greater depth about subjects you may be interested in to help you build a better Corvette. The following is a list of stories we have done so far. If you’ve got questions or suggestions for the next topic, comment below and join the conversation.

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Corvette Carburetors

Carbs Holley4150 Diagram 2/11

In addition to a brief history and examination of the inner-workings of a carb, there is a complete list of every component, how to size, a list of carbs by Corvette year, a buyer’s guide, and a Q&A with Patrick James of Pro Systems in which he discusses what to look for in a race carb. Interesting stuff.

Corvette Fuel Injectors

1 Injector Lead Credit Injector Dynamics 3/11
2 Injectors Altlead Flags 4/11

That’s right, we couldn’t have one without the other. Electronic fuel injection (EFI) is a complete mystery to some, and second nature to others. No matter which group you are in, there is something for either in this story. Again, we look at the history of fuel injection (a long one for Corvettes), operation, construction, types, and provide a complete list of factory Corvette injector sizes as well as a buyer’s guide, information about injector sizing, and other tips.

Octane and Your Corvette

23 Octane Pump Gas 5/11
06 Torco Accelerator Corvette 6/11

While we are on the subject of fuel delivery methods, why not delve into octane? Corvettes have been sipping “high-test” nearly since inception. In fact, when you look at the later years, they consistently have the highest static and dynamic compressions ratios of all GM vehicles. The new C7 Stingrays are a whopping 12:1! But, what is octane and why does your high compression LT1 need it? You’ll have to read this story to find out, as well a lot more information about the chemical properties of various types of fuel, additives and other methods of staving off detonation.

E85 and Your Corvette

E85 Engine On Dyno 7/11

Ethanol has become such a hot-button topic that it deserved a closer look. Specifically we look at the benefits of using what some are calling “cheap race gas you can buy at the pump,” as well as its complications and the parts you’ll need to be ethanol-friendly. VCM Suite Australasia even helps us take a look at EFI tuning your C5 or C6 for E85, and Bob Morreale of The Tuning School gives us even more knowledge on E85 and tuning.

Corvette Superchargers

Edelbrock 1571 2014 15lt1wetsumptuner 8/11

There seem to be more and more blower options these days. We recently covered ProCharger’s swap for the factory supercharged C7 Z06, but the options to supercharge your naturally aspirated Corvette are even more plentiful. In addition to providing a buyer’s guide, we also review the operation, construction and various types of superchargers for your Corvette.

Corvette Shocks

C5 C6 Mti Racing Bilstein Coilovers 9/11

If you are all about handling and chassis tuning, this story is for you. Your Corvette can benefit from the added knowledge of its shocks’ operation, construction, and history along with a full buyer’s guide to aftermarket shocks.

Corvette Bushings

Corvette Bushings 10/11

Shocks and sway bars seem to get all the glory when it comes to Corvette suspension, but bushings are the unsung heroes. What to know why? Check out this in-depth look at these invisible, forgettable, and great ways to tighten up your Corvette’s ride and handling. Construction, operation, materials, a full buyer’s guide, and an FAQ with Ben LaHatt, an engineer with Energy Suspension, are all covered.

These seven stories are all we have done so far, but in year’s past we also covered two other important topics: C5/C6 clutches and tires. The latter topic, like the newly minted series, is applicable to all years of Corvettes. It covers everything from construction to care, age, replacement, size, load/speed rating, treadwear, and pressure. Stay tuned for more and (once again) feel free to comment below.

Goodyear Tires Cutaway Image 11/11



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