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Top New Chevy Parts from the 2015 SEMA Show

Listing the hottest new parts seen in Las Vegas

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It’s that time of a year again where all the top aftermarket manufacturers, as well as builders and media types, congregate in Las Vegas, Nevada for the SEMA Show. The 2015 event kicked off Monday night, November 2nd, at Chevrolet’s annual party. Most notably at the event, three cars unveiled feature new Chevrolet Performance parts. The ’67 Nova 2.0 features the 272 horsepower LTG turbocharged 2.0L crate engine, the 1970 Camaro RS is packing the new 650-horse supercharged LT4 crate engine with a wet sump conversion and T-56 Super Magnum transmission, and the Ron Fellows C7 Corvette Stingray with Z06 upgrades to the aero, cooling, brakes and suspension. And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention what is most likely the most expensive (aka awesome) thing to come out of a Chevrolet Performance crate – the 2016 COPO Camaro. The Gen Six program follows the previous, except that there is the addition of 6.2L LT1-based engine combinations to the blown 350cid and naturally aspirated 427cid LS-based powerplants. I mention this because these parts will all be amalgamated into the Chevrolet Performance catalog. Gitty up, racers.

The 2015 SEMA Show officially kicked off Tuesday morning (Nov. 3) and went to Friday (Nov. 6), where we continued to wear our shoe soles thin scouring the Las Vegas Convention Center for the parts that will make your Chevy go faster and look good doing it. As we’ll be planning our editorial schedule for next year, don’t forget to hit up your favorite Chevy outlet – Super Chevy, Chevy High Performance, or Vette – on social media or simply post up at the bottom of this story if you’d like to see us test or install some of these parts.

02 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy Holley Manifold 2/31

Holley LT1 Hi-Ram Intake Manifold

The same great concept used on the LS engines has been applied to the LT1, only better. Not only is the cast aluminum Hi-Ram cost effective, but it is available with optional injector bosses and fuel rails to add port injection. By adding port injection to the factory direct injection setup, the sky is the limit for power potential.

03 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy Heat Exchanger Cr 3/31

C&R 2015-2016 Corvette Z06 Heat Exchanger

This PWR 42mm core helps cool intake air temperatures on the factory supercharged LT4 while mounting in the same location with factory hardware and hoses. If you plan on taking your C7 Z06 to an open track day, this is a must-have. C&R also has a new radiator upgrade for the Z06 and Z51.

04 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 4/31

Nostrum Energy DI Injectors

Don’t get too excited V-8 fans, these are for the Ecotec 2.0T LTG and LHU, but we like where they are heading – finally an aftermarket upgrade for direct injection.

05 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 5/31

CRANE Cams RaceMax LS Camshafts

These race cams were designed for use with nitrous in all-out drag racing applications. Each is a three-bolt design for use with either Gen III or IV LS engines.

06 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 6/31
07 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 7/31

Powerhouse Products LS Rocker Trunnion Upgrade Tool

If you’d like to upgrade the trunnions on LS rockers yourself, this nice little piece will work with a vice or clamp to help install them and solidify your valvetrain. The stock rockers are a nice piece with one glaring issue that you can take care of in your own garage.

08 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 8/31

PROTHANE Billet Aluminum Transmission Mount

Fifth-gen Camaro owners can rejoice while removing the slop from the soft rubber transmission mount.

09 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 9/31

MT ET Street Radial Pro

At long last, Mickey Thompson released the ET Street Radial Pro in 315/60R15. This could quite possibly be the stickiest drag radial on the market. Look for some fast times once this hits the market. Rumor is testing has gone extremely well so far. The 275mm Pro version surpassed the ability of the old 315s, which is why we are so excited.

10 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 10/31

Weld Racing GT-S Series Speed 10 Wheels

Three styles and finishes help fill out Weld’s lineup with lightweight, two-piece forged wheels in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters.

12 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 11/31

Racepak IQ3S Street Dash

Finally a digital dash setup that is meant for streetcars! The IQ3S connects to OBD II outputs as well as aftermarket EFI.

13 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 12/31

ProCharger 2015 Corvette Z06 Kit

Ditching the factory Eaton for a billet intake and centrifugal supercharger makes the potential of the LT4 nearly limitless. ProCharger has a 1,000-rwhp C7 Z06 in its booth to prove it, which uses this kit, pump gas and a stock bottom-end.

14 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 13/31

Edelbrock LS3 Cross-Ram Intake Manifold

Long, tapered crossover style intake runners with dual plenums and throttle bodies give this intake its unique look. If this cast aluminum intake performs half as well as it looks, it is going to be a sure winner. RPM range is said to be 1,500 to 7,000rpm.

15 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 14/31

QA1 REV Series Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

This bad boy will handle up to 2,000hp and 1,500 lb-ft of torque. That’s no joke!

16 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 15/31

QA1 B-body Front Coilovers

Get some lift in that front-end with these suckers. Double, single, or Drag “R” series adjustable aluminum shocks along with high travel springs and hardware are included.

17 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 16/31
18 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 17/31

ATI LT4 Dry Sump Damper with 15% Overdrive

Crank up the boost and protect your engine from harmonics at the same time.

19 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 18/31

Edelbrock 348/409 Cylinder Heads

These aluminum big-block heads offer CNC ported 220cc intake and 115cc exhaust runners for enhanced flow and more power. A complimentary Performer RPM intake is also available.

20 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 19/31

FAST LSXR Runner Sets

Now you can adjust the rpm range of your existing LSXR intake for the LS3 or LS7. FAST offers the standard, medium, and short length runners that can be mix and matched for more power.

21 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 20/31

FAST E7 Ignition

This top-of-the-line ignition system offers a clean install with no loose wires – just a simple plug for the accompanying harness. The tough exterior protects the electronics from damage and looks fantastic.

22 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 21/31

FAST Ignition Coils

High output coils can really help on 700+ horsepower combinations, especially with boost. These universal pieces serve as a replacement for LS coils or with any EFI system.

23 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 22/31

TCI Billet LS Flexplate

A fresh look and new design makes this billet flexplate nice to look at as well as lightweight and strong. It meets SFI specs and is a great upgrade the next time you pull the trans.

24 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 23/31

Chevrolet Performance LT4 Crate Engine

You can’t go wrong by adding a 650hp powerplant with driving manners fit for a daily driver. This supercharged 6.2L offers incredible power at every rpm and is an absolute monster.

25 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 24/31

Chevrolet Performance LT1/LT4 Accessories

What good is a stout crate motor without the pulley system to actually use it in a car? Thankfully Chevrolet Performance offers these pieces to complete the package.

26 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 25/31

Chevrolet Performance ZZ6 Crate Engine

This little devil is quite the sleeper with 405hp. Many will overlook this little small-block, thinking it is just a mild upgrade over the ZZ4.

27 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 26/31

Wilwood Classic Series Brakes

Look for more of these economic 4-piston upgrades with vented one-piece discs as an upgrade to your Chevy’s OE discs or drums. Not only are they affordable, but they fit under stock 14- and 15-inch wheels.

28 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 27/31

Wilwood C5/C6 Bolt-on Calipers

Speaking of economical, how about a set of fixed 4-piston calipers that simply bolt on to your C5 or C6 without having to switch the brake lines or even the rotors.

29 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 28/31

MSD Atomic Air Force LT1

Building upon the success of the LS7 manifold, MSD has the Gen V crowd on notice. Look for these bad boys to start hitting the market soon.

30 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 29/31

Holley Sheet-Metal Intakes

Speaking of intakes, Holley is mixing it up by offering a line of sheet-metal intake manifolds for many popular combinations such as LS, SBC, and BBC.

31 SEMA 2015 New Products Chevy 30/31

Dakota Digital Nova Gauges

Quite a few new gauges were on display besides these modern ’63-’65 Nova versions, including the ’66-’67 Chevelle and even a third-gen Camaro. These are a great way to update the interior and interface with a more modern engine.

32 SEMA 2015 New Products Deatschwerks Fuel Surge Tank 31/31

Deatschwerks Modular Fuel Surge Tank

If you have a late model with a difficult to upgrade fuel pump, like the reliability of the stock pump, or are converting to EFI – these modular surge tanks can be a great option. The 2.5L tank will hold two DW 250iL pumps and the 3.5L will hold two DW 350iL pumps, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally.



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