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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Car Vs. Train Sets Just in Time for Xmas!

Hey Kids, Retro is Kool!

John Gilbert Nov 25, 2015
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Christmas is almost here and with everyone concerned about the bad effects of video games on children, which toys are an excellent gift choice alternative? A bicycle is always a healthy selection, but unfortunately in colder climates, where foul, wet weather inhibits tire traction the odds of a child skidding off the pavement into a tree or light pole are greatly increased.

From where the automobile enthusiast helping to raise the next generation of gearhead stands, opting for the latest craze in retro-toys might be the solution. We call this fast emerging segment of children’s toys, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry car versus train sets.

002 Xmas Toy Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Set Acessories 2/5
003 Xmas Toy Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Set Gen V Cmaro 3/5

Fun for the whole family these sets combine the action of slot car racing with the exhilaration of model railroading, producing twice the thrills. Typically a set includes a complete train set with an electric-motor-powered diesel locomotive, two or three freight cars, matching caboose, two slot cars, two speed controllers, and a UL-listed transformer to power it all.

A Russian roulette of sorts, the pinnacle of excitement occurs at the car versus train intersection track where the slot cars actually cross the railroad. Unlike conventional slot car sets where the amount of players is determined by the number of lanes Dirty Mary Crazy Larry car versus train sets allow for a third child to play the train engineer. Having a third child play engineer Bill adds an intense element of suspense where the train can accelerate towards the perfectly timed Dirty Mary Crazy Larry moment, or decelerate to avoid, over and over again.

Either way, a Dirty Mary Crazy Larry train set is the perfect gift for parents wanting to keep their children away from the clutches of harmful video games.

004 Xmas Toy Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Set 4/5
005 Xmas Toy Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Set 5/5



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