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Change Up - Idle Chatter

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Remember a couple of months ago when I talked about embracing change? Well, it's time to hug it out once again. Yep, we're doing a little shuffle at VETTE again and this will be my last issue helming this fine publication. Starting next month my good friend Nick Licata will be penning this column and sitting in the big chair. I, in turn, will be going back to doing what I love, being a technical editor for VETTE, as well as several of our sister publications. Given that, you'll still see my name in these pages and I will be working with Nick to make sure we get you the best tech and lifestyle stories as possible. As for Nick, he shares my love of driving and of Chevrolet performance, so you'll be in good hands.

My October editorial about change did generate a few letters. They were mostly positive, with a couple of emails questioning the need for more tech stories. The common theme seemed to be that Corvette owners can't (or won't) wrench on their cars. Well, I'm calling BS on that whole concept. I think the vast majority of Vette owners are more than willing to tinker with the cars to varying levels, based on their skill set. A tech story has two goals. The first one is to give you the 411 on how to pull off an upgrade or repair on your Vette. The second, and to me more important, goal is to educate. You may not ever build an engine, repair some fiberglass, or swap out the brakes on your Corvette, but you should know what's involved in getting it done. With this knowledge you can talk to the other gearheads at the local cruise spot without embarrassing yourself and, if you want to have any of this work done, you can talk intelligently with a shop and make sure they aren't taking you for a monetary joyride. When you read a theoretical story on camber or caster, it isn't so you can go home and do an alignment in your driveway, it's so you can better understand a few of the concepts that make your Corvette what it is.

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In addition to tech, we have continued to inject a steady stream of, for lack of a better term, lifestyle stories. I personally find the rich history of Corvettes fascinating and my bet is that you do as well. The eight Vettes that fell into the abyss continue to be a hot topic and I tasked Walt Thurn with telling us the importance of each one in his Sinkhole series. We're also on part two of our multi-part series looking back at some the prototype, concept, and one-off Corvettes that have been churned out by Chevrolet for the last 50-plus years.

On a personal note, I have my '99 FRC Vette in the driveway and you'll start to see upgrade stories very soon. I must say, it's a pretty fun ride stock and my biggest problem is my two kids fighting over who gets to ride shotgun down to the store.

So in closing, thanks for letting make my small mark in the history of VETTE magazine. I'm looking forward to what's to come.



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