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Garage Letters: Readers' Feedback - October 2014

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NMCA is Proud to Announce the All-New Chevrolet Performance Stock Class for the 2015 Season

Rollie Miller, NMCA National Event Director, announced an exciting all-new class for 2015 in both the NMCA Series and the LSX Showdown Challenge Series. The new Chevrolet Performance Stock (LS Stock) class will be using the brand-new Chevrolet Performance DR525 drag racing sealed crate engine. The DR525 is scheduled to go on sale this summer.

"The all-new Chevrolet Performance Stock (LS Stock) class signals an important advancement for drag racing, delivering exciting heads-up racing at a lower cost to our racers," said Miller. "The entire NMCA team is thrilled to be partnered with Chevrolet Performance to debut this new class. Chevrolet Performance Stock will provide some extremely close and exciting racing starting in 2015."

Nmca Flowmaster 2/2

Chevrolet Performance Stock Class Overview

Chevrolet Performance Stock (LS Stock) is a naturally aspirated heads-up class designed for 1955-and-later vehicles and is designed as a low-cost, entry-level heads-up class. All entries must compete on accepted suspensions and at the same base weight: 3,300 pounds. The class is an all-run, heads-up field using a 0.400 Pro Tree, Autostart.

Additionally, all entries are required to read and sign a racer's contract to prevent class participants from tampering with and/or altering the factory-sealed Chevrolet Performance DR525 crate engine and requisite engine control system.

Want To Get Featured?

I wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation of your July 2014 "Want to get Featured?" editorial. I have built several cars in my garage at home and can appreciate that you recognize the work ethic and motivation that it takes to produce really nice rides by yourself. Thank you.

Bobby Maxa
Via email

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out

Cool engine bay shots!
Kenny Wamble: Very nice.
Adalbert Diputado Garcia: Wow awesome...
Adam Hair: I'm pretty sure it looks slightly better than mine...
David Liberator: Great job!

Chris Kephart's Supercharged Chevy II
Edward Martin: Hands down...this nova is right up there with the best.
Armie Van Eaton: I love it when the headers come out the fender; bad ass, functional and looks absolutely beautiful!
Tony Evers: Very sexy.
Michael Isham: That's one of the cleanest novas I ever seen.

How's our Project '57 Chevy's Stance?
Donnie D. Athey: That is and will always be one of the greatest cars to come out of the '50s.
Patty Phillips: Like the Cragar wheels.
Mark Giachino: I like the stance of mine better.
Linda Parker: Ooh...I want this one!!!
Paul Bucher: Nice ride, great color, perfect!
James Deel: Good as it gets.



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