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Garage Letters: Readers' Feedback - September 2014

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Want to Get Featured?

I wanted to take a minute to share my appreciation of your July 2014 “Want to get featured” editorial. I have built several cars in my garage at home, and can appreciate that you recognize the work ethic and motivation that it takes to produce really nice rides by yourself. Thank you.

Bobby Maxa
Via email

Camaro Z/28 Components Available from Chevrolet Performance

Beginning this summer, Chevrolet Performance will offer nine Camaro upgrade packages, each featuring components from the all-new Z/28. Each package has been validated for use in most model year 2010-and-later Camaros. Many of the parts preserve the vehicle warranty when installed by a Chevrolet dealer – an advantage aftermarket installers cannot provide.

Combined with existing upgrade packages offering components from the Camaro ZL1 and Camaro 1LE models, Chevrolet Performance now offers a comprehensive line of performance upgrades for the track, the dragstrip, and the street.

“We have taken some of the very best components of our track-capable Camaros and packaged them together for easy installation on other fifth-generation Camaros,” said Mark Dickens, Director of Chevrolet Performance Engineering. “Each package gives customers the performance upgrades they want, and the peace of mind knowing each part has been engineered and tested to the same specifications as our production cars.”

The nine packages include:

Camaro Z/28 Suspension: The kit includes front and rear spool-valve dampers, springs, and stabilizer bars; front ride/handling links; and rear upper control arms and trailing links.

Rear Differential Cooling System: This kit includes the rear-differential cover, integrated heat exchanger, and all cooling lines and fasteners. On the Camaro Z/28, this system reduced the temperature of the differential fluid by 100 degrees Fahrenheit – and is ideal for track usage.

Recaro Sport Seats: Compatible with 2012-and-later Camaros, the Recaro front seats feature more pronounced side bolstering – ideal for performance driving. The driver and passenger seats are offered individually, and feature manual adjustment for reduced weight.

Z/28 Cold Air Intake: This kit includes the full air induction system, including a K&N high-performance air filter and cold-air intake box assembly for improved engine power and cooling.

Camaro Z/28 Exhaust Manifolds: This kit includes dual, hydroformed “tri-Y” headers from the 7.0L LS7 engine, offering increased airflow for other LS-series V-8 engines.

Camaro Z/28 LS7 Exhaust System: This includes the cat-back exhaust system from the Camaro Z/28. For an additional $150, an adapter kit is also available to join the 2.75-inch diameter Camaro Z/28 system to the 2.5-inch diameter LS3 exhausts.

Camaro Z/28 Aerodynamics Package: Compatible with 2014-and-later Camaros, this package includes four components that contribute to the aerodynamic performance of the Z/28: front splitter, front wheel-lip extensions, underbody belly pan, and rear spoiler.

Camaro Z/28 Brake Ducts: Compatible with 2014-and-later Camaros, this package includes the front-fascia opening and ducting to direct cooling air to the front brake rotors to increase braking performance for track use.

Camaro Z/28 Helical Differential: This kit includes a zero-preload limited-slip differential with helical gears rather than traditional clutch packs. By continuously adjusting the torque bias, this differential maximizes available traction for faster lap times. The kit also includes the 3.91 axle ratio and integrated heat exchanger in the cover.

More information about the packages, including final pricing and vehicle fitment, will be available this summer at Packages will be available for sale directly through authorized Chevrolet dealers.

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out

Joe Barry’s ’56 Chevy

Michelle Pevler Barry: That is so cool! Thanks for sharing Chevy High Performance Magazine, you guys are awesome!

Mike Galimi: I like that photo, it looks familiar.

Patrick O’Brien: Joe Barry’s 56 Chevy. One of my all time favorites!

Kyle Spare: Burning rubber.

Garry Sprake: Nice shot, I can imagine the song coming from the engine.

Shaun Kootenay: The body contours on the car look dad says they were nice looking and fast cars back in the day.

Our Project ’69 Camaro Gets Its Stripes

Harry Koch: It’s a thing of beauty one line at a time.

Steve Wider: Nice job now load on the clear!

Tad Murry: Love the stripes and I love the updates on the paint job. I’m a painter myself and I love seeing other peoples work.

Laurie Muts: Not long to go now!

A cool shot from the General Motors page, which one would you take?

Ory Quintana: I want them all.

Nathan Davis: Front row, center.

Jeffery Alan Ryker: I don’t have to pick, I already bought a 1LE Camaro.

El Franky: Sweet collection.

Will Scott: Drop top Corvette with red leather…send it.

Justin Schutter: Can you get an SS in a manual?

Robert Corris: The ZL1 Camaro hands down.

ProCharged 548ci big-block

Danny McWilliams: With 1,440 lb-ft torque, it’s a neck breaker.

Bill Fry: Can we put that in my car please?

Ray Reeves: I want hear it run!

How would you build the ultimate sleeper?

Lewis Axmaker: I have a ’72 Chevelle just like this, but it isn’t fixed up yet; when it is it’ll be in this magazine.

Frances Pinkston: That was and still is a great muscle car.

Shannon VanNess: Sweet ride!

Brad Noon: Not sure how any muscle car could be considered a sleeper. Nice car though.

Mike Perine Sr.: Beautiful ride.



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