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Car Hobby Obsession - Thunder Road

Obsession—it’s what fuels a lot of the car hobby. Let’s face it, there’s no logical reason to do what we do with automobiles. Break ’em down to the bare essentials, and they’re just glass, steel, rubber and chrome, with gas, oil, and other fluids thrown in

Jim Campisano Jun 19, 2014
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Recently, we posted a photo of Michael Manning’s ’69 pro touring Camaro (shown) on Super Chevy’s Facebook page (the car was featured in our June ’11 issue). Michael’s the president of American Autowire, and over the years has owned 22 first-gen Camaros. We’d label that as obsessive. Not excessive, mind you. No, for better or worse, we condone this sort of behavior. Twenty-two variations of what’s essentially the same basic car? Yeah, we’re cool with that.

Anyway, when we posted the picture we asked, “What’s the most examples of one model car you’ve ever owned?” The responses were amazing in a lot of ways. Certain vehicles—Tri-Fives, first-gen Camaros—were not surprising. But others were. Thanks to its popularity and global nature, the Super Chevy Facebook page reaches millions of enthusiasts around the world, and they’re quite a group.

Here are some of the more interesting responses:

• Don Wayne Strom currently owns six Tri-Fives and claims to have had more than 25 in his lifetime.

• Guillermo Alonso from Spain copped to having had three Minis. This admission elicited an astounding 303 “Likes.”

• Troy Carter: 12 El Caminos

• Brian Metzler admitted to owning 18 Chrysler Cordobas. Wow. He must really like rich, Corinthian leather!

• John Briones said his family’s had 17 Camaros.

• Al Seng’s owned nine ’67 Chevelles, eight of which were SS cars, while Tony Cepak’s had 18 Chevelles, all pre-’73.

• How about 17 third-gen Camaros (Alex Maxey) or 14 SS Montes (John Higgenbotham)?

• Someone who signs on as Hot Rod Polk has purchased 25 Opel Mantas—who knew they made that many?

• Sven Olof Bomen Ryan’s had the pinks for 13 Saabs with V-4 engines, for which we can only offer our sympathy.

• Richard McNamara: “Couple of dozen” C/10s.

• Jeffrey Sprung says he’s had 14 ’69 Camaros.

• Our most obsessed Facebook follower? Billy Porter, whose favorite Bow Tie is the Beretta. He’s had 30, not including parts cars. If you count those, the number rises to more than 50. Way to go!

• Charles Christiansen? Thirteen ’68-’72 Novas. Joe Gellerman’s dad? “About 20 ’65-’67 Chevy IIs.”

• Vance Parker cops to 26 Fox-body Mustangs and five first-gen Camaros (“Mustangs are cheap, Camaros are not.”

This demands that I pose the same question to you who didn’t see the post on Facebook: What’s the most of one model car you’ve ever owned? Send your responses to, and I’ll print the most interesting answers here. Feel free to attach high-res photos. And by all means, please continue feeding your obsession.

(To read about Manning’s LS7-powered ’69 Camaro, follow this link)



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