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Readers' Feedback: Firing Back - June 2014

You Said It...

May 23, 2014
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Letter Of The Month

Well-said …


I want to compliment you on your editorial from the April 2014 issue. It was about the death of Paul Walker from the misuse of a 600hp car on the street. What a great reminder to all of us. I own a ’12 ZL1 and I can honestly admit I’ve wound it up a couple of times on the street. I’m not a kid, but I may have let the horsepower get to my head. We all need to knock it off. These cars are super powerful, and public roads are no place to show what they’ll do. There are track days all over the country. Save your money and go to a track and have some real, legal fun. I’ve only been once, but I have been talking about it ever since. I plan to do three events this year and can’t wait. Just because you have the horsepower, you don’t have to prove it on the streets. It just isn’t worth it.

Thanks again for a fine magazine and keep up the great work. I read it cover to cover every month.

Dan DeMarchis
Via Facebook


I just read your editorial in the April 2014 issue regarding Roger Rodas and Paul Walker. It’s such a tragic loss. I went to their memorial at the crash site. I couldn’t agree more with your statement. On December 18, 2011 my son came home on leave from the Army. He took out his ’98 Z28 with over 500 hp on a 5 a.m. drive through Gopher Canyon, which he has done hundreds of times. He never made it home. I got a call from my son’s Lt. back at Fort Riley, Kansas, that our son was killed in an auto accident. He lost control and was killed on impact. He was only 25. The report said his speed was 150 mph. I’m sure you can imagine how bad the crash was. I can’t begin to explain the sadness my wife and I felt. My son and I spent a lot of time together with his car and our car club. I was lucky that my son wanted to share with me his love for his Camaro.

My wife and I bought a ’12 45th Anniversary SS Camaro to cruise in memory of our son PFC Brenden Castro. Now I know what my son liked about having some horsepower. I’ll put your article with my son’s and my car info.

Thank you,
Mark Castro


I just opened up my new issue of Camaro Performers magazine and read your editorial. Very well written my friend! You discussed a subject that so many of us have had to process in our own individual way. You weren’t judgmental and you did so with class. Thank you.

Larry Petrucci

You Said It Firing Back Television Screen 2/8

Can’t Get Enough

I have an online subscription to Camaro Performers magazine and I love it. The only problem is that there is so much more you guys need to cover. So, how about doing Camaro Performers magazine every month instead of just nine times a year? I can’t get enough.

Andrew Stephenson
Via Facebook

You Said It Firing Back Camaro Girl 3/8

Keep it Up!


I’ve been subscribing to Camaro Performers magazine since before I had my ’10 in the garage over four years ago. Literally, the first thing I do when I sit down in the morning is pick up CP. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ramble off on some things in no particular order.

Track Rat. All I can say is I understand sh*$ happens, but please try to get on that one. The articles on the fender modifications just made me want to see that car finished, but it just seems like it kind of got pushed to the side. I understand because you and your team have been busy. The magazine has really transformed into a great way to see all things Camaro. I’m one of those people who like to know a little about it all instead of a lot about one thing. As a person who bought the magazine when it was only available on the rack, wow! You’ve come a long way and it looks like the ship is heading in the right direction. You’ve tastefully incorporated beautiful women in the magazine without losing integrity. You show a wide range of articles covering a lot of topics anybody into our lifestyle can relate to. You can’t make everyone happy, but you guys are trying.

Thanks, and I look forward to many years together. (I think I have three years left on my current subscription.)

Keith Tramel
Via Facebook


Thanks for the kinds words and positive feedback, and also for understanding what we do here. By using models we feel it adds a little “flavor” to the Letters section.

Regarding Track Rat, we ran into a few obstacles over the past few months, but the build is getting back on track (sorry, had to do it). In fact, check out the trans tunnel article in this issue. –Ed.

You Said It Firing Back Camaro Girl 4/8

Counting Down

I just wanted to thank you guys for the 2014 calendar that was in the Best of the Best issue (Feb. ’14). I’m Active Duty Navy and am deployed in Japan aboard the USS George Washington. I’ve been looking for a calendar but everything I found was too boring. The calendar in your issue is perfect for me to count down the days until I get to see my family again. I hung it up immediately! My only wish is that it would’ve had another third-gen. Thanks for making such a great magazine.

Congratulations on getting another lifetime subscriber.

Patrick Stringer

2014 Camaro Performers Magazine Calendar 5/8


From all of us here at Camaro Performers, we thank you for your service. We’re happy the calendar fit your needs. Make it home safe. –Ed.

Camaro Performers July 2013 Cover 6/8

Let it Breathe

We recently posted a photo of a Camaro’s engine bay on our Facebook page, which featured a custom-made piece that covered part of the engine. We accompanied the image with the question of whether or not our Facebook followers were fans of this latest trend more commonly found in the engine bay of high-end builds. The reviews were mixed on the idea. Here are just a few of the comments…

Why cover up the motor? That’s the best part of lifting the hood.
Jason Van Groningen

Get rid of the cheap plastic crap and show me the power plant!!!!!!!!!
Joe Manfredi

You Said It Firing Back Camaro 7/8

The entire compartment looks clean and well-executed!
Steve Castro

I think it looks nice and clean and adds a unique touch. Its personal owner preferance may be this helps with under-hood airflow turbulance too. Just my thoughts.
Jennifer and Brian

That cover would be “gone in 60 seconds.”
Reid Goodwin

I like my V-8 covered with a supercharger, some chrome and nothing else.
Gord Gonie

I don’t like the coil packs showing on the LS engines so I would do it like this.
Ricky Bobbie

You Said It Firing Back Kate 8/8

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