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Garage Letters: Readers' Feedback - June 2014

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I just received my new Dec '13 issue of Chevy High Performance; as usual, I read your Shop Talk editorial and I appreciate you being willing to hear from normal guys like me. The reality is, I was out of the automotive scene for 20 years raising kids, putting them through college, etc. Within the last five years, I have been able to fulfill a dream and have a 1971 Camaro SS that is used for drag racing, the old-fashioned way with big-block power. However, if I had more knowledge about how Chevy engines have evolved, I may have gone another route.

Garage Letters Readers Feedback June 2014 Chevy High Performance December 2/3

Here is what I would like to hear about in great detail: I don't know the first thing about all the generational changes that have taken place with the Chevy engines. I would like to know about the differences in Gen I through Gen V, then all about LS1 through LS9, and up through where engine technology is today; I would like to see the difference about blocks, heads, water flow, timing, you name it. Also, which ones provide more power for every dollar spent?

Mike Manley
Via email

Mike, thanks for writing in and congratulations on your latest Camaro acquisition. A few years ago, we did an extensive piece on the latest LS powerplants, describing just what you are asking for. We've been looking to revisit that story with the latest updates, so expect to see that in the months to come.

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Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out
What's your favorite cylinder head and cubic-inch combination?

Larry Green: The 400 small-block is one of the best iron blocks ever made.
Troy Meyers: Always wanted to build a 377 with AFR heads.
James Rodman: 383 stroker with aluminum heads!
Chris Gregory: Brodix heads on a 540.
Jerry Inscore: I'll take a 327ci or 350ci over a 383ci and 406ci any day for a street motor.
Seth Daniel Flanders: The small-block V8 from Chevy has been around since 1955 in various configurations. One of best engines ever built ... takes a beating and comes back for more!

Do you still run a traditional small- or big-block?

Audrey Foster: Big-block of course!
Andrew Gardner: There is nothing that will make me smile more than the sound of a big-block.
Dan Parga: Love the simplicity of the first-generation small-blocks, tons of parts available, reasonably priced, they look great and perform just fine. Have 327s and 350s in my classics and the LS in my new Vette!



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