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Corvette Product Preview - June 2014

Apr 11, 2014
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Old-School Looks, New-Tech Performance

Looks like a double-row of old-school Hilborn injectors, doesn’t it? Procomp’s LS3 Manifold Throttle Body kit combines that classic appearance with a new-design EFI system.

Procomp Ls3 2/7

In addition to the killer “ITB” look, the manifold features four dowel pins at each corner, so the ports match up perfectly with the heads every time. Try that with an ancient mechanical fuelie setup!

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Fine-Tune Your C7’s Chassis

Is the seventh-generation Corvette the nimblest one yet? Probably, but Baer’s got something that’ll make it handle even better: a new adjustable rear toe link, which features sleeves and pins made specifically for the C7.

Baer Adjustable Rear Toe 3/7

With a fixed mounting position that eliminates the factory eccentric, this setup allows you to make fine-tuning adjustments to improve cornering and response. Install it, and your Vette’s performance through the twisties will put a “perma-grin” on your face!

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It’s no secret that GM’s LS-series engines are the hot ticket when it comes to great performance. But what if the Vette you drive didn’t have one in it when it left Bowling Green or St. Louis?

Painless Performance 4/7

Not to worry—a new swap harness from Painless Performance makes this conversion a snap, whether you’re running the factory LS EFI system, starting from scratch, or in need of a complete chassis kit.

This particular harness is for the ’07-’10 4.8L, 5.3L or 6.2L truck engine, and it’s designed to connect to the factory ECU and TCU from your donor vehicle. Painless also offers kits for other applications, and will even provide an ECU re-flash service to ensure your control unit is dialed in for your specific application.

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To Seal and Protect

It’s never too late to think about how you’ll store your Corvette next winter. CarCapsule is an inflatable bubble that completely seals and protects contents from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests.

Carcapsule 5/7

Indoor versions (seen here) are made with durable 10-mil, clear PVC, while outdoor versions use 16-mil tarp material for weather resistance and UV-ray blockage. Both varieties are inflated by a high-pressure fan that provides continuous airflow to keep your Vette dry and prevent condensation.

CarCapsule is easy to use and sets up in 7-10 minutes.

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Underhood Style

Corvette customizers, here’s something to help bring your LS-swapped Vette’s engine bay into the 21st Century: March Performance’s billet Style Track pulley system.

March Performance Bilet Style Track Pulley 6/7

Features include a custom 140-amp alternator and power-steering pump (both of which are equipped with a billet-aluminum housing), along with a low-mounted Sanden 7176 A/C compressor.

These systems come paired with an LS1 water pump, ensuring compatibility with LS engines.

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Set the Pace (Again)

Got a ’98 Indy 500 Pace Car Corvette that needs fresh stripes and graphics? Check out Phoenix Graphix’ new GM-licensed reproduction decal-and-stripe kit.

Phoenix Graphix Decal And Stripe 7/7

Manufactured on high-performance, automotive-grade vinyl, these graphics are identical to the originals. The complete kit (seen here) includes 17 large, multi-colored pieces for only $1,295—a fraction of the original GM cost. The hood stripes are also available separately, for $595 per set.

Note that because of the ’98 IPC’s low production volume, Phoenix has only manufactured a limited run of kits. Get yours now, because they may not be available later.

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