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Bow Tie Briefs - Chevy News - June 2014

Team Super Chevy Apr 25, 2014
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Sinkhole Swallows Eight Corvettes

Mother Nature made an underground attack on the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. On February 12, a huge sinkhole opened under the Skydome portion of the facility and swallowed eight Corvettes.

"We received a call at 5:44 a.m. from our security company alerting us of our motion detectors going off in our Skydome area of the museum," according to Katie Frassinelli, marketing and communications director for the museum. "Upon arrival, it was discovered that a sinkhole had collapsed within the museum. No one was in or around the museum at the time. The Bowling Green Fire Department arrived on the scene and secured the area."

The sinkhole that measured an estimated 40 feet wide and 25-to-30 feet deep.

Eight Corvettes were affected by the sinkhole collapse:

'62 black Corvette
'84 PPG pace car
'92 white 1 millionth Corvette
'93 ZR-1 Spyder (on loan from General Motors)
'93 ruby red 40th Anniversary Corvette
'01 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette
'09 ZR1 "Blue Devil" (on loan from General Motors)
'09 white 1.5 millionth Corvette

Read the latest rescue here.

Jeff Lamarche, the new Corvette Bowling Green plant manager, said, "Chevrolet will oversee the restoration of all the vehicles involved. The best way we can help is to lend our tech resources, our expertise, and vast experience with these vehicles. Who better to restore these than the engineers and designers at Chevrolet where they were developed? You can't replace things like the 1 millionth Vette or the 'Blue Devil' ZR-1."

Following the recovery process, the cars will be shipped to the General Motors Design facility in Warren, Michigan, to assess the situation and develop a game plan. The cars will be restored under the watchful eye of Vice President Ed Welburn.

The National Corvette Museum is an independently owned institution completely reliant on charitable donations, so your help is surely needed. Donations, which are tax-deductible, can be made through its website to assist in refurbishing the facility.

Recovery of the eight cars began on March 3. The first two out of the hole were the Blue Devil ZR1 and the 40th anniversary model. While the Blue Devil started up and drove, it sported a major oil leak. Not so fortunate was the '93, which suffered severe damage to the body, windshield frame, and roof.

Remarkably, the rest of the museum was checked for safety and is open for business.

On the Block
eBay edition

1968 C10: sold for $5,500

The description stated this short fleet was a running and driving factory shortbed that's unrestored. Bought from the original owner's daughter, the truck spent its life on the family farm. It's got a 307 V-8 with a three-on-the-tree trans. While the rockers and other parts of the cab were rusted out, this could be a somewhat simple fix thanks to all the aftermarket sheetmetal available. Also, these trucks take a Rat with ease and look pretty sharp with a 4/6-inch drop.

 Chevrolet C10 Side View 2/4

1966 Chevelle SS: sold for $4,079.89

Here we have a '66 SS 396/four-speed Chevelle that was originally Tuxedo black with a black vinyl top and Regal red interior. The seller stated, "This 138 VIN car has the proper 3/8 gas line, proper brake lines for big-block, as well as the proper suspension braces in the rear." Again, the biggest issue with the car is rust, but if you followed our AMD Chevelle build, then you know anything can be saved from the iron oxide monster.

 Chevrolet Chevelle Side View 3/4

1968 Camaro: sold for $6,800

Here is a numbers-matching '68 Camaro RS with the original 327 and trans still in place. The seller stated, "The car runs good and trans shifts well. It stops and goes, but I have only driven it less than five miles." The interior has the rare bench seat. The original color is Grotto Blue with a white top. This unrestored first-gen F-body needed new quarters and trunk deck spacers. If your dream car is a hideaway headlight Camaro, this would have been one to consider. Oh, and apparently the Jeeps in the picture are not for sale or included.

 Chevrolet Camaro Front View 4/4



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