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The Buzz - GM News - May 2014

Staff Apr 11, 2014
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Sinkhole Claims Eight Corvettes at the NCM

Talk about a bummer. At 5:44 am on February 12, a 40-foot-wide sinkhole opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum’s Skydome and claimed eight Corvettes of various historical significance and model years. Two of which belonged to GM, while the others were property of the museum. The list of cars includes:

- 1962 Hardtop Roadster (black)

- 1984 PPG Pace Car

- 1992 1-Millionth Corvette Produced

- 1993 40th Anniversary Model

- 1993 ZR-1 Spyder (1-of-1)

- 2001 Mallet Z06 (former GMHTP feature car)

- 2009 1.5-Millionth Corvette Produced

- 2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil”

National Corvette Museum 2/4

As we type this, all eight of those cars are sitting somewhere in the 30-foot hole, waiting to be rescued. As a result, the Internet had a field day. Every form of media outlet imaginable reported on the incident, and our Facebook page blew up after we posted the story. The NCM has been pretty active in keeping the media and Corvette fans updated on the progress of the facility; with videos, photos, and information. They were able to remove the only-existing 1983 model early in the morning, while the remaining unaffected cars that were in the Skydome were moved to safety later in the day. Upon watching the videos and seeing the photos, only the ’62 and ’09 ZR1 sustained very minimal damage (i.e., easily repairable), while the rest were either buried in the rubble, or otherwise sustained apparent severe damage. It’s already been confirmed that General Motors has taken on the role of repairing all eight of the vehicles when they are recovered, at thier Mechanical Assembly facility. GM VP of Global Product Development, Mark Reuss, was quoted saying, “The vehicles at the National Corvette Museum are some of the most signifigant in automobile history. There can only be one 1-millionth Corvette ever built. We want to ensure as many of the damaged cars are restored as possible, so fans from around the world can enjoy them.”

Read our update on the final Corvette that was recovered

Chevy Pickup Quarter-Mile World Record Broken

2004 Chevrolet Silverado Quarter Mile 3/4

We’ve gotten word that the previous record set for a ’99 or newer Chevy truck was broken recently during the 2013 October Truck Madness at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas—an event that’s hosted by Houston Performance Trucks. The truck in question, a 2004 Silverado, owned and driven by Rigo Trevino, was caught eclipsing his previous record time of 8.40, with an 8.07 at 179 mph. Under the hood, is a 427ci. LSX that’s boosted, with the help of a Precision 114mm turbocharger. With the boost cranked up to 40 psi., and with 1,700 horsepower on tap, Trevino claimed his quickest time of the day after a series of 8.17-second runs. We ran across a video of the truck in action, courtesy of our colleagues over at 1320Video. We’ll be keeping an eye on this truck this season, to see if he can break his own record yet again.

VIN-1 of ’14 COPO and Z/28 Sold at Auction

2014 Chevrolet Copo 4/4

If you still think that the Z/28 is overpriced, then you should meet Rick Hendrick—owner of not only the first ’14 COPO off the line, but the first Z/28 as well. Why? Because he didn’t shell out $75,000 to own the first Z/28. Oh, no. In fact, he paid a whopping $650,000 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. Being the type of man to outdo himself on the same night, he picked up 2014 COPO No. 1, the specially-painted, Ice Blue Metallic example that made its debut at SEMA 2013. That particular example went for a mind-blowing $700,000! While we’re not entirely surprised that Rick has shelled out this much cash for a pair of Camaros, considering he plucked down $1M for the first C7, we are more than impressed with his philanthropy. You see, this isn’t simply a case of a rich guy showing off, it’s much more than that. As it turns out, the proceeds will benefit the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans and Detroit’s Cornerstone Schools. So instead of looking at this as paying way too much for a pair of cars, think of it as paying sticker, while donating the rest to charity. We tip our hat to Rick.


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