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I’ve never been one for sitting idle to reflect on a year’s past, however, those days are changing, and I’m starting to enjoy all the moments; of course, that could also mean that I’m just getting older—nah. I do have to point out that 2013 was a spectacular year. I’m not just talking about the exciting highlights—even when I’m sitting at some random airport waiting for the next flight, it’s nice to sit back and really take a look around. Yes, I’ll admit it, people watching is one of my favorite pastimes … after blasting down the tarmac, of course.

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Writing this on New Year’s Eve, watching the final sunrise of 2013, I’m finding myself looking back at this year with an absolute sense of completion. We had a great showing at our Chevy High Performance Nationals with big crowds, monster wheelies, and plenty of street machines ripping it up on the autocross. I also can’t forget the number of miles I’ve flown across the country, some for meetings and many for events. You’d think it would wear thin after a while, but the truth is, I’m still ready for more. Call it a disease, maybe a delusional state of mind, but I’m sticking with automotive enthusiast who has an intense appetite for high performance events.

Toward the end of the year, it only got better. Our annual Performance Racing Industry tradeshow left Florida and returned home to Indianapolis. Granted, it was chilly with sub-zero conditions, but there’s something about Indy in December that just gets me going. Did I mention the crowd? Everywhere you turned, there were more performance products and plenty of engine and chassis builders to mingle with.

Another year has turned and what a ride it’s been.

Of course, there are the personal accolades, namely our team finishing runner-up in the True Ten Five class and even closing the year with our first 6.99-second pass at 203 mph. We’re expecting to go even quicker next year, but best of all, we’re going to showcase our latest fourth-gen Camaro that’s being built as a dedicated radial terror.

Yes, it’s been an outstanding 12 months and I can’t wait to see what the next 12 brings. But more importantly, I’d like to end the year by saying thank you for being a reader and thank you for bringing out your incredible rides for us to showcase in your pages of Chevy High Performance.

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