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Shop Talk - Resto Vs. Restomod

April 2014

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Rain or shine, I love being out cruising the local scene or, even more so, to be on the open highways for a road trip—long or short, it doesn't matter as long as I'm behind the wheel. I've come to realize just how spoiled I've been with today's modern rides, which leads to this month's question: What's the right amount of modifications for you?

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Personally, I love the fact that the aftermarket offers so many options, allowing us to build an incredible variety of cars. Do you want a street terror? How about a dedicated tarmac door-slammer? Then there's my favorite, a no-holds-barred Pro Touring machine capable of being tracked yet, comfortable enough to be driven across the country. Even more impressive, today we have all these high-performance options, while still being able to enjoy the creature comforts we've come to appreciate in our daily drivers.

I understand Pro Touring cars aren't for everyone, especially those who prefer a more factory-style ride with 15-inch rollers. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I can appreciate the efforts of those who prefer to do a frame-off resto and limit their cruising excursions to local car digs—but I'll be upfront, I want more out of my rides.

Pro Touring 3/3

I've driven a lot of modern-day hot rods, including the ZR1 Corvette, ZL1 Camaro, and a number of modified exotics. And while there's something to be said for the incredible performance capabilities, my heart is stuck on refined muscle cars with late-model enhancements; it's just cooler when that kind of performance can be had with an old-school street machine. While you'll never see me fall for big dubs, bling, or over-the-top body modifications, I won't say no to transforming a classic into a modern-day hot rod with the addition of today's amenities and performance options. Think of this as an impromptu poll: Do you prefer more of a resto, or are you a restomod type of enthusiast? Email me and be sure to include photos of your pride and joys.

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