Roadkill Visits the NCM Sinkhole in a ’75 Corvette

Our friends at Roadkill debuted their latest episode, which had David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan traveling to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky in a 1975 Chevy Corvette they found on Craigslist. What could go wrong?

If you’ve followed this series before, then you know this pair has a penchant for driving the rattiest junk they can find on long distances. And while we’d hate to insinuate that any Corvette was junk, we’d much rather have seen this window-less L-48 in the sinkhole than the priceless collectables that were recently rescued.

This episode’s mission is to pick up a random Corvette, make it roadworthy in a New York-minute, and then drive it from Florida to Bowling Green to see the sinkhole where the two could do a little Corvette destruction of their own (well at least to a set of tires). Their ride was a ’75 Corvette with a 350cid, 160-horse L-48 V-8 and a Turbo 400, 3-speed automatic. While on the surface the Vette looked pretty mint, the minute the covers came off it was apparent that this was a mission fitting for Roadkill. No windshield, no brakes, no interior, no problem. That’s nothing some zip ties and duct tape can’t fix.

Spoiler alert! Though their impromptu reroute to Las Vegas was nixed, the pair does make it to Bowling Green to see the assembly plant and sinkhole, albeit with a new-to-them transmission.




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