Corvette Plant Workers Heading for Strike

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GM just can’t catch a break these days. Just when we started to think former CEO Dan Akerson had left the company substantially better than he found it, new CEO Mary Barra is testifying in front of Congress about a faulty ignition switch that caused 13 deaths. GM also has a giant sinkhole swallowing up some of its most historic Corvettes, and now the Corvette plant workers are going on strike.

Just yesterday the United Auto Workers Local 2164 in Kentucky voted 93% in favor to authorize a strike. It seems curious that a strike would happen just after the $131 million renovation for the seventh-generation Corvette. Well according to the union, increased safety and quality control were not exactly priorities in the overhaul. Eldon Renaud, president of UAW Local 2164, said a number of “near misses” [that could have caused serious injury] have the assembly line workers at the Bowling Green plant up in arms. And eliminating quality control positions has them wondering as to the effect on the product. “We’re like everybody else, we’re strike-shy. Nobody wants to have a strike. Who really benefits by it?”

Newly named plant manager Jeff Lamarche will have to work with the UAW and prove that the safety of the employees and quality of the products is of the utmost concern.




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