Fifth-Gen Camaro Dyno Wars

Remember our story a few weeks ago about the 919-rwhp 2010 Camaro SS?

Check out the dyno sheet closely, and you’ll notice that the numbers are “Uncorrected.” So not only does it not account for the variation in dynos, but it also doesn’t account for atmospheric conditions. Well that prompted the folks at PowerFab Automotive in Houston, TX to show off their twin-turbo 2012 Camaro SS on the dyno. Don't be fooled by the ZL1 front-end conversion, its specs include a stock LS3 with a camshaft upgrade, stock TR6060 manual transmission with a Monster Clutches triple-disc clutch, Squash dual fuel pump system, Injector Dynamics 1300cc fuel injectors, 50/50 water/meth injection with E85 fuel, custom tuning, and (of course) a twin-turbo system fabricated by PowerFab. Dual Precision 6266 turbochargers are set at 16psi.

Using SAE correction the ’12 SS made 914-rwhp and 831 lb-ft of torque on PowerFab’s Dynojet chassis dyno. That comes out to 952-rwhp and 866 lb-ft Uncorrected. Until we hear otherwise, this looks to be the most powerful fifth-gen Camaro sporting a stock bottom-end LS3. Who will step up to the plate next? Can we expect a return volley? Well, all I have to say is: I hope they are using an engine diaper and SFI approved parts. Good luck, gentlemen (and ladies).

2012 Camaro SS TT Front 01 2/8




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