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Bow Tie Briefs - Chevy News - March 2014

Patrick Hill Feb 17, 2014
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ZL1 and 1LE Camaro Production Suspended

As we were going to press with this issue, GM announced that order processing was being stopped, and January through March '14 production of the ZL1 and 1LE Camaro would be affected, due to the affect of cold weather on the tires both specific models come with. All other Camaro production and order processing was unaffected. It was also announced that beige top production for the Camaro would end in January of 2014.

 Chevrolet 2/6

On the Block

Here's a trio of interesting cars that we found in different auctions and/or for sale online.

1957 Two-Door Sedan

On the surface one of the more rough looking choices we've found, for $2k or best offer, you get a rolling '57 sedan the seller claims has New York registration. Looking at the pics the car appears to be pretty solid, and a good starting point for a '57 build.

 Chevrolet Two Door Sedan 3/6

1964 Nova

This roller was priced at $1k or best offer. No motor, trans, or title, but a pretty solid looking early Nova two-door to start a project with, either for the street or track. And with early Novas riding high on the popularity wave right now, finding good two-doors for cheap is getting tough.

 Chevrolet Nova 4/6

1960 Impala Sport Sedan

An unusual Chevy to pop up at the October '13 Mecum Chicago auction, this '60 sport sedan was a neat deal for the person who snagged it for only $11k. The '60 sport sedan featured a unique, slim pillar design that gave passengers an almost 360-degree view out of the car. This car still had its original interior, and 283 powerpack engine, along with factory power brakes and steering.

 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan 5/6

1995 9C1 Caprice

Not what you'd typically go looking for at a classic car auction, but this '95 police package car was a great buy at $7,500. When new it had a Paxton supercharger installed, and was believed to have been purchased that way by the Chicago Tribune to ferry reporters to Chicago's O'Haire airport to catch flights. It was never in police service, but does have police authorized red and blue lights and siren.

 Chevrolet9c1 Caprice 6/6

Prestolite Performance Changes Name to Accel Performance Group

Prestolite Performance, which owns the performance brands Mr. Gasket, ACCEL, Hays, Lakewood, Mallory, and Prestolite Proconnect, announced at the SEMA Show in November the company's name was changing to ACCEL Performance.

As part of the name change, each of the brands manufactured by Prestolite Performance will continue to benefit from a host of marketing assets, however two—Mr. Gasket ( and ACCEL( —will see major brand identity and positioning overhauls making them flagships of the group with clearer, separate target markets from which the other brands will operate.

ACCEL will focus on providing the performance minded enthusiast with the latest ignition and fuel system technologies to make their machines faster and more efficient. Mr. Gasket, while still focused on the performance market, will emphasize serving restorers and nostalgic hot rod builders, helping them experience their automotive passion with Mr. Gasket's broad catalog of appearance and performance parts.

"With both Mr. Gasket and ACCEL we want to continue to create performance parts that inspire and unite generations around the world; keeping this hobby viable for years to come," said Don Barry. "This new branding strategy is our first step in continuing to do so."

Fake Muscle Car Seller Busted

A 44-year-old man plead guilty to creating a false paper trail to inflate the price of a classic 1970 Chevelle before selling it to an Iowa buyer in 2012. He was accused of selling an SS396 as an original LS6 SS454 car.

Defendant Mickey Dush entered his plea in Platte County District Court to theft by deception and failure to pay sales tax in connection with the $87,000 sale to a Creston, Iowa, man in March 2012. Dush paid $87,000 restitution to the victim in a plea deal reached with the Platte County Attorney's Office. In exchange, the prosecution reduced the theft charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, and agreed to recommend probation at sentencing.

Court documents detailed a probe by the Nebraska State Patrol's Auto Fraud Unit that accused Dush of buying a ‘70 Chevelle from a Florida classic car dealer in 2011, then misrepresenting the car's origins during a subsequent sale in Columbus. The prosecution contended Dush bought a Chevelle SS396 from the Florida dealer, then swapped out the 396 for a 454. The prosecution also asserted that Dush bought a fraudulent "original build sheet" on eBay to use as documentation that the Chevelle was an authentic SS454.



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