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ProCharger 2014 Corvette Stingray Kit Adds 40-50% More Power

Build your own C7 Z06 with a complete centrifugal supercharger system or tuner kit

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ProCharger has completed testing on its 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray supercharger kit. The new C7 chassis presented some very unique design challenges for the engineers, but the results are impressive. ProCharger’s complete P-1SC-1 system at 7psi with pump gas boasts a 40% gain in power. As we last reported, this translates to around 600-rwhp. Using a tuner kit, custom tuning and higher boost levels, with the same supercharger, the kit is capable of 50% gains on stock LT1 engines (even higher with further modifications). The key to the kit’s performance is a large 24x9x4.5-inch air-to-air intercooler with 972 cubic-inches of volume, which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Two air inlet options are also available – OEM and race – for those that wish to preserve the factory style air box. And there are also three supercharger and bracket finishes: polished, satin, or black. As usual, you can also opt for a helical gear set for quieter operation.

The C7 engine bay has proven much more friendly to aftermarket additions than its predecessors. ProCharger says the C7 kit is the fastest installation of its entire product line, and requires no relocation of factory parts including the ABS bracket and lines (despite being compatible with the factory airbox). The factory balancer does not have to be removed, and there is no trimming to front fascia, bumper, or radiator/fan shroud. The factory brake cooling ducts remain intact, and there are only two pieces of silicone hoses in the entire intercooler tubing system – so you don’t have to worry about a dozen clamps coming loose and causing a boost leak. Kits are available for both the manual and automatic transmission Corvettes.

A considerable amount of effort went into the design of the bracket, which was based off the GM engine CAD models. A one-piece billet design uses the strongest existing mounting points on the engine to fit the P-1SC-1 all the way up to an F-2 head unit. A patented crank pulley design couples an 8.125-inch supercharger drive pulley to the factory balancer, with no need to drop the steering rack or pin the crank, using “cam-locks” to provide traction and unburden the crank bolt of load. Belt-wrap was also a primary concern, which is maximized by a multi-position, fixed idler to provide enough preload to support over 1,300hp. And yes, you can change the 8-rib belt without removing the bracket or supercharger. Like what you hear so far? Check out the pics, and stay tuned for more!

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