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It sounded like a solid pitch, but after hearing those words out of my own mouth; I realized how ridiculous it sounded...

The other month I was talking about getting another car, which ultimately produced our latest 1957 Chevy. This also led me into a more recent conversation with a friend, who asked, "How many cars do you really need?" As you can imagine, it was hard to explain.

My initial thoughts, "I'm not tied down, I don't have kids, so as many as I want or can afford."

Of course that wouldn't exactly fly with the person I was talking to. Instead, I looked across the table and I must have seemed a little dumbfounded. Fast forward to the end of our discussion, I quickly realized there is no way to justify the number of vehicles one person owns with any sense of rationale. For those that get it, they get it. For those that don't, well … they never will.

Funny thing is, as the days went by, I was still racking my brain over the conversation. Truth be told, during the conversation I tried to rationalize it by saying each car served a purpose. Which led to the next question, "What's the purpose of each one?" After a long winded explanation of what each car is intended for, it truly came down to one thing that really has little merit to anyone else but myself … I've invested in these cars simply because I like them. Sounds reasonable, right?

Growing up, I read a number of editorials from several magazines discussing the current state of their projects. I even recall telling myself that I would never put myself in a situation like that—yeah, I guess I lied to myself with that one. Although in my defense, all but one is running and driving, and the one that's down is because I'm battling with myself on which direction to take. If you're curious, it's the back-half third-gen. It's a bit over the top, and quite frankly, I'm still stuck on stock suspension racing, but that's a topic for another day.

The more I think about it, folks like us are just a little off-kilter, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Obviously, there comes a time where we have to use some common sense and realistic goals with our pride and joys, however, for me, it comes down to this thought … buy it, build it, drive it the way you want, regardless of what people say and how long it may take to make happen. In the end, we all do this as an escape; whether it's personal issues running through our minds or simply dealing with things that we have no control over.

Either way, I've noted before that project cars and driving is my therapy, only this time, I think I really understand why I'm so addicted to the four-wheel mistress. To be a little less serious, it comes down to one thing … are you having fun? I know I am.

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