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The Truth About Supervettes' SV8.R Conversion

Stephanie Davies Jan 6, 2014
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When the 2014 Corvette Stingray was released last year, there were plenty of mixed reviews. Some loved it and some hated it, but the truth is they’re selling like hotcakes. However, it can still be argued that as striking as the designs of both the C6 and C7 are, they don’t exactly give off the same vibe as a supercar. This is where Supervettes steps in. Supervettes recently announced that they are offering what is called an SV8.R conversion to transform C6 and C7 Corvettes into sportier, more ferocious versions of themselves. The conversion for 2005 and newer Corvettes features a 100% pre-impregnated carbon-fiber body with sharper angles and a widened appearance – for example, more than eight inches will be added to the width of a base C6.

Supervettes SV8 R 2/8

We spoke to Supervettes Founder and Lead Designer, Jason Hunkler, who gave us the low-down. It seems there is quite a bit of misinformation swirling around regarding the SV8.R so don’t believe everything you read! (Unless you’re reading it here, of course.)

“Our conversion is not a C7 wannabe,” Hunkler explained to us, “The C6 and C7 lack that supercar look, that wow-factor. We’re simply matching the exterior to what the car can do.”

Supervettes SV8 R 3/8

And for those who are under the impression that the SV8.R conversion was designed to transform a C6 into a C7, think again.

“We designed this conversion four years ago. The renderings that we released originally were out three months before the C7 ones were.”

Corvettes undergoing the transformation do so in-house at the Supervettes facility in Jupiter, Florida. The exterior conversion alone is made up of 23 panels, which are manufactured in a facility in North Carolina using pre-preg carbon fiber and a vacuum autoclave process (similar to the process used on cars like Bugatti and Lamborghini). According to Hunkler, only 100 of the SV8.R Corvettes will be produced over five years – twenty per year.

New 20- and 21-inch staggered wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires, a new exhaust, brakes, lighting, and fresh paint for the new body are all included in the price of the conversion. Interior, performance, and sound system upgrades are also offered as optional add-ons. Supervettes had five pre-order conversions available for a cool $59,995 a piece and four have already sold! After the last one finds a home, you can expect to pay an even $65,000 for the conversion.

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