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2014 Camaro Z/28 Pricing Announced

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Since Chevrolet introduced the LS7-powered 2014 Camaro Z/28, the number one question on everyone’s mind has been – “how much?” Well at long last, we have our answer. $75,000. And there is also a $1,150 package to add air conditioning and a full sound system (only one speaker is standard to save weight). Only five colors are available – Red Hot, Black, Silver Ice Metallic, Ashen Gray Metallic, and Summit White.

Give that a second to sink in. Now in many circles, the immediate reaction is going to be $75,000 for a Camaro? Are you kidding? But if you are reading GMHTP, than you know how much aftermarket parts cost. And for once, I promise you cannot build a car of this caliber for cheaper. Yes, that’s right, at $75,000 the Z is actually a good deal. If you used a 2014 Camaro SS 1LE with Recaro seats as the basis of building your own Z/28, you are looking at a base price of just under $43,000. An LS7 crate engine is going to cost about $15,000, and you are already at $58,000 without having an oil tank and lines plumbed for the dry sump system. With only ZL1 front and rear brakes, the total price goes over $61,000. Factor in labor for the engine and brake install, plus a few other odds and ends to make it track-ready, and it will cost $75,000 to build a slower car – devoid of carbon brakes, high-dollar shocks, huge R-compound tires, weight shedding, factory warranty, and the tremendous amount of R&D that only an OEM can provide.

The 2014 Camaro Z/28 is the ultimate no-comprises road course machine. It pulls up to 1.08 g in cornering, and as the result is four-seconds faster than the ZL1 on the legendary Nürburgring road course as well as many notable supercars including the Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. The Z is one of the first production cars to offer full-on race technology and parts such as the adjustable, spool-valve dampers and 305/30ZR19 Pirelli PZero Trofeo R compound tires. For full specs and more pictures of the Camaro Z/28 check out the latest release (here). Dealerships will start taking orders later this month, and the first cars will be delivered in late spring according to Chevrolet.

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