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Straight Line Spotlight - December 2013

Bruce Biegler Nov 14, 2013
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Chick’s Comeback Camaro

1967 Chevy Camaro Roadster 2/5

New Hampshire’s Chick Ross is racing a truly eye-catching 1967 Camaro roadster within the 9.90 Super Gas/Super Rod category. This car, in fact, marks the end result of a very long and difficult journey for Chick, who was critically injured in 2007 while racing a Top Sportsman car that forced him to the sidelines for some 30 months. But with the ongoing support and encouragement of his wife, Janet; extensive family; and network of friends, in 2009 Chhick acquired this unique Dan Page-built Camaro and has been racing it successfully ever since. The car features a 115-inch chrome-moly chassis that is certified to the 6-second zone and is powered by a Reher-Morrison Super Series 572ci engine program. The Camaro’s spectacular final look includes paint by Rick Bell and graphics by Bruce Deveau.

"Junior's" New Ride

1969 Chevy Camaro Super 3/5

After previously racing a 1969 Camaro in Super Comp (8.90), Norm “Junior” Brungardt from Liberal, Kansas, made the decision to go much quicker. And that has certainly been the case after he took delivery of a Jerry Haas-built ’13 Camaro last April with which he is now focused within the speedy Top Sportsman class. The naturally aspirated car, which features a massive Coan-built 832ci engine program has already propelled him to runs in the 6.6-second zone at about 210 mph. Brungardt, who is a successful owner of oil and gas wells in southwest Kansas, reports that adjusting to the much quicker and faster car took some getting used to. When Norm does go drag racing it is usually in conjunction with the multi-car and diverse Hatcher Racing team, also based out of Kansas.

Pasture to Performance

1986 Chevy Camaro H 4/5

Bill Hatcher’s 1986 Camaro H/SA is a prime example of just what can be done by dedicated artists within the automobile restoration world. Hatcher, who oversees a team that also includes a GM-powered A/Dragster driven by his son (Will), reports that when he first found this car it was in very rough shape sitting in a pasture. Over a period of two and half years the Camaro was meticulously disassembled and then reassembled into what you see here. Bill originally intended to run the car as a bracket racer but after seeing the high quality of the restoration that was taking shape, he shifted the car’s focus to NHRA Stock Eliminator, where it has been campaigned for about three years. Bill, who is in the farm seed and supply business in Kansas, utilizes a 350ci engine program from Tilburg Racing Engines in Pennsylvania. The stunningly painted car has run a best of 11.12 sec. and 118.40 mph to date.

From the Hawk’s Nest!

1967 Chevy Camaro Super 5/5

The 1967 Camaro Super Stocker of Jim Hawkins has certainly stood the test of time. After being debuted as a Modified Production race car back in 1991 and winning the NHRA Division 5 points title that year, Hawkins (who is from Denver) has now restored the Camaro and it is back racing again after about a 10-year break. Jim’s car is run with a 7-inch clutch assembly and a manually shifted four-speed Jerico transmission in the SS/I class. Supreme, Colorado-based engine builders MadCap Racing Engines is responsible for the car’s 327ci (295hp, NHRA rated) engine program. Jim races the car almost exclusively locally now and in doing so is having fun carrying forward a bit of family tradition with the Camaro’s moniker: Hawk’s Nest. That nostalgic name actually begun way back when by Jim’s brother Rick, whose high school hot rod was named exactly that. Hawkins funds his racing endeavors from a forklift repair business, which he owns and operates.



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