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Having a new event is always challenging; however, if the location is right and you have a solid team to put it together, it could also become a great avenue for racers, car show buffs, and every kind of Bow Tie enthusiast.

This held true for our inaugural Chevy High Performance Nationals, and this year marked our second event, once again at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia. Albeit the weather slowed us down at the tail end of the show, causing the heads-up classes to be pushed over to the upcoming NMCA race in Indianapolis; even so, car counts were up each day and only slightly slower with the threat of rain for Sunday.

Overall, it was a phenomenal show with an incredible amount of people trying to get through the gates on Saturday morning. Once you were in, it was on. The manufacturers’ midway was bustling with people, the heads-up and brackets cars were flying on the dragstrip, the jet cars were unreal, and the autocross was filled with high-performance rides, including our third annual Street Machine Challenge and Top Ride Shootout contenders.

The Second Annual Chevy High Performance Nationals was a hit!

If you aren’t familiar with our Street Machine Challenge and Top Ride Shootout, this is an invitational-only event, where readers and manufacturers get to duke it out in their respective classes, compete for points through our Wilwood Engineering 60-to-0 brake challenge, quarter-mile dragstrip runs, and the Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings Autocross.

If you’ve never seen a modern-day Pro Touring machine ripping it up through the cones, believe me when I say that it’s truly a sight to see. Even more amazing is witnessing the same cars hop over to the dragstrip and blaze through the traps, with many running deep into the 11s at well over 125 mph—this is on street tires, folks, with a minimum 180 treadwear rating. We even had one standout Chevelle that ran 10.70s at over 130 mph!

For 2014 we’re going to be putting out the feelers for more invites. If you’re within a few hours drive, make it; it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. All you need to do is send an email to me at and submit a couple of images of your street machine, along with a detailed list of modifications … that’s it! This is your chance to put your ride to the test against other readers, and we’ll do our part to showcase your personal pride and joy with the rest of the world. Hopefully, this time next year, I’ll be talking about you and the 2014 Street Machine Challenge.

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