Chevrolet Performance Offers New LSX376-B15

Stephanie Davies Nov 27, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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We all love our Chevy powerplants –a fact proven by the stunning growth of swapping LS motors into non-LS cars in recent years. Chevrolet Performance recently announced their latest foundation for awesome builds: the LSX376-B15 (PN 19299306), a tough LSX-based standard-deck block that is built for boost. It is intended for street machines dating to 1976 and prior, as well as late-model “off-road” applications and rated at 450 horsepower at 5900rpm. This rating was derived by GM Engineering using a normally-aspirated LSX376 with LS3 EFI, so power numbers will obviously vary depending on induction system and componentry.

LSX376 B15 Gauges 2/3

The LSX276-B15 is a great foundation for stretching turbocharged and supercharged combination performance with a durable all-forged rotating assembly ready and willing to handle up to 15 pounds of boost.

A forged-steel crankshaft, forged rods, and forged pistons topped off with high-flow rectangular-port LSX-LS3 six-bolt aluminum heads are the perfect combination for your power adder of choice. The 376 cubic-inch LSX comes with a 9:1 compression ratio, and a camshaft nearly identical to the LS9.

The LSX376-B15 is delivered without the intake manifold and other accessories, giving consumers complete freedom over their build. We think it’s a perfect economical replacement for a late-model performance car or even an awesome choice for a boosted powerplant under the hood of a Pro Touring classic.

LSX376 B15 Dyno 3/3

For more information on the LSX376-B15 or to order, click here. We’ll see you at the track!




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