2014 Corvette Engine Packages

LMR’s C7 packages are in development from 470-rwhp to over 1,000

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Late Model Racecraft is at it again. This crew isn’t happy unless they are going over 250mph with their hair on fire at the Texas Mile, so it should come as no surprise that development is well under way with the 2014 Corvette Stingray. After getting an early set of Gen V LT1 cylinder heads, LMR has been relentlessly porting them for optimal flow and velocity. Meanwhile they’ve been on the phone with Comp Cams dialing in some custom grind camshafts, all as part of development on the Stage 1 heads/cam package. Testing began with the proprietary CNC port job on the cylinder heads and a small “Stealth” grind cam, which took the C7 from 414-rwhp to 470. That’s 56-rwhp from a stock sounding setup!

On customer packages LMR plans to offer its own cold air intake as well as 1 7/8-inch headers (with or without high-flow cats). So for the next step of development, they bolted on a set of long-tube headers with an off-road X-pipe, which really woke up the Corvette. Adding headers loses the stealth aspect, but that may be just what many people love about it. Plus it was good for another 32hp, going up to a total of 502-rwhp.

On the next phase of R&D, LMR will be trying a handful of camshafts from mild to wild and even a few different variations on its cylinder head porting. And after that they’ll be breaking out the welder to fabricate a custom turbo kit to take put the C7 in the 650 to 1,000+ rear-wheel horsepower range. Stay tuned for more!




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