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A while back I talked about the dedication it takes to compete with a door car in heads-up drag racing. I've always said it takes a good crew and a completely different mind-set—these guys eat, breathe, and are completely immersed in this lifestyle.

Ever since we finished our X275 season last year, we've stepped it up even more by converting to electronic fuel injection and a larger supercharger. Seems easy enough, right? Not quite. This set off a domino effect of upgrades and updates and put us out of the first two races. It wasn't for a lack of effort. There have been many late nights after many long days—sometimes there simply aren't enough hours in a day. The good news is our car is finally up and running, so we'll be back in action at the next event.

Fortunately, one of our close friends, Damon Rivetti, who competes in the 8.5-inch tire class, has teamed up with us and is pulling double duty by running in True 10.5 under our banner. This guy really deserves a high five for what he's accomplished and has kept our hopes of a top-tier season alive. It's not the quickest car or making the most horsepower, but between his reaction times and consistency it's been enough to make it into the semifinals at the season opener and a final round showing at this past weekend's event. That's a lot of heart and soul, and while this sport isn't for everyone, Damon's a prime example of how those who are into it certainly live it.

Of course, this is about more than just a single race weekend. I'm talking about everyone who wears the "enthusiast" hat. If nothing else, I just want you to know that your tireless efforts don't go unnoticed. If it weren't for your passion for the sport, we wouldn't be able to take the wild action shots of your rides, nor have exciting drag-racing coverage to showcase to the world. This hobby, this pastime you enjoy for yourself, also serves as inspiration for others for their own projects and generates great ideas for new, innovative products—all of which ultimately allows all of us to go quicker, faster, and produce incredible e.t.'s that until the past decade, seemed left to the pros.

Sportsman racing has come a long way. I'm proud to be involved, and I see great things coming ahead that will allow everyone to push the limits even further. Door-car racing is a big part of Chevy High Performance, and we'll continue to show you the hottest, fastest door-slammers in the country.

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