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Shop Talk June 2013 - Featured Rides

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One of the more common questions we get asked is how to get a car featured in the magazine. Truth be told, it's a lot of being at the right place, a little bit of luck, and sometimes knowing the right people.

Let me elaborate a little. "Being at the right place" simply means getting out with your ride and showcasing it every chance you get. You never know who will be around at any given show. Editors and freelancers are constantly traveling, and we don't always put the word out on where we'll be. It's important to note that freelancers are our first line of sight and they're constantly pitching cars for us to choose from. That means it doesn't matter where you are in the country, there's always the possibility of getting featured in the magazine.

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When I say "a little bit of luck", it's just that. I've found feature cars while standing in line at the grocery store. No joke. A simple car guy T-shirt can spark a conversation, which leads to an exchange of business cards and there you go—cool feature car found. Granted, that's a bit random, and you may never run into an editor or staff member in your area; however, you can make your own luck. How, you ask? This is something I've always pushed and that's for everyone to submit their rides by emailing us at All we need is a few high-res images, including all of the details, and even if we don't pick your car for a full feature, it's still a great opportunity to get into our Readers' Rides department.

A good program begins with a great crew.

"Knowing the right people" can help. Whether it's a friend in the industry or someone who happens to know someone on the magazine, we get a lot of leads from people we know. Often we'll find potential cars from the owners of the cars we're already shooting.

I understand some folks get a little discouraged, thinking it's hard to get in the magazine, but it's really quite the opposite. The good news: Over the years, we've stepped up from two features and now have four feature cars per issue, which has really opened up doors to showcase a lot more of the hard work people have put into their cars. And we feature everything from clean street machines to hard-core Pro Touring corner carvers and wild, heads-up drag racing door-slammers—definitely a little bit of everything.

So now that you know what to do, get out there and show off your ride, and we'll do our part to get it in the magazine.

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