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March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts

The Latest Offerings for Your Street Machine

Magnet Free

FAST Crank Trigger

The folks at Fuel Air Spark Technology have recently developed a crank trigger setup that, instead of using magnets and an inductive pickup to trigger your engine's ignition, uses a completely innovative design that solves the potential problems of a magnetic crank trigger. Its accuracy comes from a totally new trigger wheel creation that uses tabs that are measured by the inductive sensor at the wheel as it revolves. Because it essentially uses distance to operate, it provides a much more accurate rpm measurement. The wheel's one-piece configuration means it's incredibly sturdy and it's also compatible with many other EFI systems on the market.

 Chpp 01 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts FAST Crank Trigger 2/8

877.334.8355 |

Mighty Module

Dakota Digital GPS and BUS Interface Module

Dakota Digital now offers this GPS Interface module that allows you to link up your speedometer, compass, clock, and altimeter functions to your dash, even if you have another brand of gauges. The GPS-50-1 is an advanced electronic device that provides the user with very accurate data based on their position on the globe. With previous designs, GPS units would often get confused when going under bridges or through tunnels, but the engineers at Dakota Digital came up with this piece that virtually eliminates those problems by using accelerometers and predictive software.

 Chpp 02 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Dakota Digital GPS Bus Interface Module 3/8

Dakota Digital Inc.
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Billet Boost

Torq Storm Billet Superchargers

If you love power adders like we do, Accelerated Racing Products recently released their line of billet superchargers you will want to check out. These centrifugal blowers are precision machined, have billet aluminum impellers, a proprietary ceramic bearing system, are self-contained (no oil lines), and can support over 500 hp. Also, using their five-axis mill, Accelerated Racing Products can make custom impellers in a range of sizes.

 Chpp 03 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Torq Storm Billet Supercharger 4/8

Torque Storm Billet Superchargers
616.885.3626 |

Corn Carb

Quick Fuel Technology E85 Carburetors

E85 fuel seems to have made a permanent home in the hearts of all gearheads, Quick Fuel Technology has recognized that and offers a whole line of carbs designed to work with the ethanol mix. Featuring the correct calibration for the denser fuel, these carbs can run E85 right out of the box. An aluminum body, sight plugs in the bowls, and anodized green fuel blocks are just some of the features. Various cfm ratings are available, so call for your specific application.

 Chpp 04 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Quick Fuel Technology E85 Carburetor 5/8

Quick Fuel Technology
270.793.0900 |

Under Control

'73-77 Chevelle A-Body Rear Axle Control Arms

These days, second-generation A-bodies are coming into their own as a choice for high-performance Pro Touring hot rods. Added power and sticky tires place demands that the original chassis components cannot withstand. These TIG-welded 13/8-inch DOM steel tubular control arms will handle that increased torque and cornering force with graphite impregnated urethane bushings. A high strength and high angle rod end with a Teflon-lined inner bearing race, offers durability and noise reduction; you can also fine-tune the rear axle pinion angle by altering the assembled length of the upper control arms.

 Chpp 05 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Chevelle A Body Rear Axle Control Arms 6/8

Fatman Fabrications
705.545.0369 |

Hold It

Drag Spec Dual Staging Brake

The SS4+ staging brake was designed for the heavier radial type cars that require dual rear calipers, and features a pair of aluminum four-piston calipers mounted to an 11-inch (two-piece) directionally vaned, slotted, drilled, and zinc-plated rotor. The S4 caliper features dual seals (pressure and dust) so it meets all DOT specifications, has stainless steel pistons, and with the thick 1-inch vented rotor is perfect for the heavier radial cars. The bracket included in the system is bearing specific (currently available for all 9-inch variants, and the 10/12 bolt 3.150-inch hybrid), one-piece, and also acts as a bearing retainer. Since the SS4+ staging brake is mounted to an 11-inch rotor it has a very small footprint that can fit in a wide variety of wheels, including dual beadlock applications.

 Chpp 06 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Drag Spec Dual Staging Brake 7/8

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Improved Handling

Rolling Bearing Spring Perches

Stock perches use rubber as the bushing between the perch and the perch-mounting shaft, which greatly increases the effort required for your suspension to move. Their roller spring perches use roller bearings to reduce this resistance, which improves ride quality, handling, and responsiveness to the road.

 Chpp 07 O March 2013 Chevy High Performance Parts Rolling Bearing Spring Perches 8/8

Performance Suspension Technology
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