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Lingenfelter's 378ci LS9 Supercharger system boosts Corvette ZR1 to 750 hp

Even more insane

Nikolas Kolenich Mar 6, 2013
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If you own a Corvette ZR1 and you're crazy enough to want even more power, Lingenfelter is more than happy to oblige, thanks primarily to its newly developed GT9 ZR1 supercharger camshaft and CNC ported LS9 cylinder heads. With the removal of the engine and supercharger assembly; polishing and porting of the cylinder heads; and a variety of other internal improvements, the upgrade will boost your already super Corvette to an insane 750 hp and 730 lb-ft of torque, 40 hp more than Lingenfelter's cheaper ZR1 upgrade and 112 hp more than stock.

The details of Lingenfelter's 378ci LS9 supercharger system upgrade are as follows:

- Engine removal & removal of supercharger assembly, cylinder heads, camshaft
- Lingenfelter CNC porting & polishing of LS9 cylinder heads for optimal flow
- Lingenfelter multi-angle valve job, cc chambers, surfacing & spring height adjustment
- Competition Cams valve springs, LS9 retainers and locks
- Lingenfelter GT9 camshaft by Competition Cams
- GM Head gaskets & head studs
- 160 degree thermostat
- Lingenfelter cast aluminum supercharger front cover assembly
- 2.38 inch diameter steel supercharger 10 bolt drive pulley - powder coated black - 11 rib
- 100 mm aluminum double bearing idler assembly
- Lingenfelter LS9 solid supercharger isolator coupling
- Lingenfelter ZR1 air intake system
- Increased boost level 12 - 13 psi
- Professional installation, camshaft degreeing, testing & ECU calibration
- Chassis dyno report before & after installation
- Excellent drivability, highway mileage not adversely affected
- Lingenfelter 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty
- Lingenfelter certificate of authenticity

The entire kit will set you back $12,895, not a bad price considering all the work done. Lingenfelter has posted a dyno video of a ZR1 fitted with the new kit, you can check it out below.



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