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iPads, Tablets, Mini Computers - Techno Geek Or Modern-day Adaption?

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I’m curious, how many of you own a tablet? Yes, these electronic notebooks—or mini computers, or whatever the cool new name for them is—have been out for a while, but it’s taken until the third iteration of the iPad for me to finally jump in. Initial thoughts: Hmm, not bad, not bad at all.

Of course the one thing I had to get was the additional keyboard for it. Why? Because it makes typing quite a bit easier. But why not just use a laptop? I honestly had to question that myself.

The iPad is significantly smaller and comes in quite handy on the airplane. Rather than sitting uncomfortably, holding my arms T-rex style, hoping the person in front of me doesn’t decide to crush my laptop by reclining their seat, I can actually type freely with normal, minimal travel distractions. Admittedly, I was getting pretty good at typing editorials and last-minute stories on the iPhone, but this is much better. Seriously.

The other bonus is that I can carry a number of magazines in my own personal newsstand. My only limitation is memory space; if that ever becomes an issue, I have the option of archiving them and reloading them as I please. So yes, rather than carrying a dozen magazines at a time, which can take up valuable travel space and weigh me down, I can now read them electronically in one easy-to-access location, including a few of my personal favorites that Ive been neglecting because they didnt make the carry-on cut.

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If you’re wondering about the digital price, subscription rates are very affordable, with ours coming in at less than $15 for the year. And if you happen to miss any previous issues, you can also download those at just $5.99.

Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer to hold paper between my fleshy digits for the full effect, but for traveling purposes, this has become a great alternative. Will the digital age completely kill print? No way; if nothing else, it’s a great complement to the paper version we’ve all grown up with. There’s a place for everything, and the electronic versions certainly allow us to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

For those of you already reading Chevy High Performance digitally, I’d like to know what you think. Is it more convenient or just a temporary substitute until you can sort through the print version? You know the drill, email me your thoughts at the addy listed above!

“I don’t always read CHP digitally, but when I do, it means I’m on the road.”



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