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Some people like to tweet on Twitter, others are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, but I’m still a Facebook fan, and if you follow us (, then you obviously know that we’re pretty interactive on our page.

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Recently, I posted a photo asking if anyone wanted to see basic suspension and brake testing with a four-door Chevelle. What I didn’t expect was the incredible number of responses it elicited; matter of fact, it spawned off as one of the largest topics we’ve had to date.

While some voiced that it had two too many doors, the majority of the responses were positive and brought out a number of four-door owners into the conversation. Personally, it was good to see the interest, especially since it’s getting tougher to get into a solid, yet affordable muscle car. Is it the perfect car for everyone? Of course not, but I would prefer seeing more old-school Detroit iron on the road over the typical cookie-cutter commuters.

Fortunately, we have complete access to a four-door Chevelle, which also happens to be owned by a local CHP reader. After a brief brainstorming session, we decided to baseline the ride and see how a few upgrades could transform its sedate persona to something more in line with a performance-minded street machine.

We’re not planning to do anything over the top. Since the build was originally intended as a driver and as an entry-level muscle car for his kid, we’re going to stick with that theme. That said we’re considering mild updates that anyone with basic handtools can accomplish. More importantly, we want minimal downtime, which means we’re sticking to simple bolt-ons.

For those of you not on Facebook, be sure to email me at and let’s hear your opinions on four-door performance—yay or nay?

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