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November 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage

Sep 24, 2012
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Look familiar?

While geeking out over images of Chevy’s ’12 Camaro ZL1, we noticed it has a very familiar front end and foglamp design. Science fiction fans may notice that the ZL1 shares a face with the character Bumblebee from the 2007 blockbuster, Transformers.


Fast Lane

I just finished reading your thoughts on the advancements in recent racing and couldn’t agree more. My buddy and I were talking about the very same subject recently and decided improvements in suspensions and tires have made the biggest difference. The car/track does not care if the 600 hp is coming from a new LS motor or a late-’60s big-block—600 hp is 600 hp. Today you can hook the horsepower up whereas in the ’60s you spun the tires.  

Via email

Letter of the Month

To answer the question you posed in the July editorial, driving is what drives me. Driving my ’65 Impala SS or my ’70 Caprice. That’s why I toil, get greasy, sweat, bleed, and spend too much time and money on my rides. I want to take in all the senses that go with sliding behind the wheel and turning the key. Despite the amount of time I spend underhood, I don’t enjoy the wrenching part of the hobby as much as the driving.

Besides hitting the road with my Chevy and seeing our beautiful country on the backroad and two-lane highways, I hit up as many driving events as I can. Getting the chance to hammer on the Impala without fear of attracting the attention of the boys in blue is the best way to spend the day. I drive for a living. That means my driver’s license is my source of income so I can’t do stupid things on the street without putting my job in jeopardy. That’s why drag races, autocrosses, and the like are really attractive to me. The shows where you park your car, then park your butt are a bore to me. So get me in the driver seat and let me hear the rumble of the engine and feel the gear shifter in my grip, and I will be in heaven.

Scott Liggett
Los Angeles, CA

Second time around

My son and I couldn’t believe it when we opened the Aug. ’12 issue of your magazine. There was his ’74 Chevelle Malibu in the Rides section. But while it’s cool seeing your car in a magazine, it’s even cooler to look back 20 years—to the month—and recall seeing my first muscle car, a ’68 Chevelle SS.

Yep, not only have I been reading your mag for that long, but you guys printed both of our cars in the Rides section exactly 20 years apart to the month—now that is just plain awesome. I saved the issue and showed him my first Chevelle (in black/white back then on page 24, “Dream Car, Finally”) that I owned in Benicia, California.

We love the magazine and learn from each and every issue. After looking over that old issue, it’s amazing how much things have changed; like how easy it is to crank out 500hp Chevy motors now. Thanks guys!

Brian Barrett
Sulphur Springs, Texas

September ’12 Cover

chp 03 O  November 2012 Chevy High Performance 4/4

Wesley Belarde
Yea buddy.

Shane Druppal
Got my copy! Great tech tips and info!

Michael Meachum
What a beautiful car.

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out


Steve Elamon
Love your magazine, Chevy runs deep.

Gwen Larson
Love the Chevelles—named my daughter after them, and we’re a Chevy family.

Four-door performance?

Tony Acerrio
Do it, do it, do it!

John Perry
Looks good, let’s see what the Chevelle can do!

Stephen Cranford
Americans are so spoiled. The Aussies have been rocking four-door power for years.

Thad Shumaker
Nothing wrong with a four-door nowadays … family racer.

Kevin Ramirez
My ’72 Nova was a four-door.

Gary Sims
Way ahead of you guys. I built my wife a ’66 four-door, 383ci, 200-R4, Vintage Air, and, of course, a lot of suspension mods.

Jay Jones
Great color, nice stance. I think there needs to be more of these used as daily cars—good suspension, LS engine, updated A/C, all the good stuff. Having owned (and sold) a V-8 BMW M5, I loved the performance, but hated the costs and all the parts that kept failing because they were considered more recyclable. (Try to make sense of that.) I’ll take the four-door early Chevy that will last forever. CHP



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