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September 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage

Jul 13, 2012


Got Mail?

chp 01 O  September 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage 2/3

What address can I send photos of my car to get it in the magazine? Jonathan Large
Ararat, VA

We’re always looking for cool rides to fill up our Readers Rides’ department. You can always email the photos to us directly at or you can also snail mail them to Chevy High Performance, Attention: Rides Dept., 1733 Alton Pkwy. Ste. 100, Irvine CA 92606. Be sure to include all of the details and we’ll handle the rest.

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out

Steve Prest:
Put more third-gens in your magazine!

Pa Pa Bob:
Thanks for posting my Nova in your great magazine.

David Spencer:
Been a fan of the mag for about 10 years now.

Gerald Mattingly:
Here’s my Chevy; it’s a Monza Spyder. It needs a lot of work, but will be back on the road hopefully before too long.

Christopher Katsohis:
My ’73 Monte with a 540ci big-block makes 600 rear-wheel horsepower on pump gas.

Death Valley Challenge

Just thinking about the name Death Valley is already making us uncomfortably warm, but that’s the whole point. This summer, we’re teaming up with Restomod Air, a division of Classic Auto Air, and putting their air-conditioning system to the test in a real-world ’69 Camaro. Of course, it’ll have the looks, corner-carving suspension, and big binders—however, this time, we’re interested to see if a classic muscle car can compete with a modern-day cooling system. More importantly, can we keep our cool during the hottest season of the year? For more information and a detailed look at the first-gen, head over to

chp 02 O  September 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Death Valley 3/3

Letter of the Month

Test It

I would like to see an 18-degree headed small-block versus a 23-degree headed small-block build off. Do it with the same cubic inches and a single carburetor cast intake.

Erik Box
Via email

Erik, we like the way you think. To be perfectly honest, this is a topic we’ve been talking about with Dart Machinery. Stay tuned; it’s only a matter of time before we reveal our results.



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