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Love it or hate it, social media is alive and isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether it’s the mainstream outlets, like Facebook or Twitter, or one of the smaller sites, it’s become a way for people to interact on a completely new level. Some individuals use it as a live blog to voice their opinions, thoughts, or to simply share their latest travels, while businesses tend to showcase their goods, even posting images of their customers’ rides that are performing well with their products.

Not surprisingly, being the big media company we are, we’re actively participating. Of course, I’ll never fully disclose all of the juicy details from our daily excursions, but it’s a great place to share little snippets of what you can expect in upcoming issues. If you’re already checking us out on Facebook, you’ll know that I post polls once in a while. Polls are great for a number of reasons; they allow you to voice your opinions on the projects we’re working on and even allow you to help guide us in the direction to take them.

If this is all new to you, head over to Facebook to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. I realize some folks may still be a little apprehensive to jump onto the social media bandwagon, namely those who feel it’s invasive. Seriously, it’s only invasive if you can’t stop posting about your personal life. In all reality, it’s a great way to keep in touch with people from the past, family, and an infinite number of people who share similar interests.

Think of it this way, in addition to the things I’ve already noted, it’s also a great way to interact with us at CHP on a more personal level. On any given day, we could be posting images from the engine dyno or suspension testing at the former El Toro Marine base, or giving the latest results while we’re at the dragstrip. It’s also an easy way for you to show off your own projects and personal rides ... allowing us to scout for potential feature cars from all over the country. Yes, it’s your chance to tell us about your street machine.

If you decide to check out the scene and see what it’s all about, be sure to look us up at, and don’t forget to say hello.



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