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June 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage

Apr 20, 2012


The Bigger Mouse

Enjoyed the article on the 434ci small-block stroker; please go big with the nitrous and try to double the horsepower. This would include a change to a solid-roller cam that’s limited to 0.700 lift with a two-stage system, including a fogger setup and a plate up top.

I’m a retired Pro Mod racer and currently drag race airboats in Florida. My boat is powered by a factory small-block that’s punched to 421 ci with a 750 carb, and a two-stage plate. The engine is already 2 years old and the only maintenance has been main bearings. My combo was built and dyno’d by Ohio Crankshaft with a 0.680 lift cam, flat-top pistons, 225cc cylinder heads, and made 640 hp on the motor and 864 with Speed Tech plate.

I really love your magazine articles on small-block Chevys, and good luck with your 434.

Ron Erwin
Orange Lake, FL


You guys asked if there was something in particular that I would like to see done to “The Bigger Mouse” project. To answer your question: Yes, I would like to see a set of twin turbos added to the 434-inch Mouse, and see some real horsepower numbers.

You said that the short-block is more than capable of handling big power. What better way than to add two turbos for the ultimate in big power and still remain streetable? Thanks Chevy High Performance, I love your magazine!

Via email

Safety Dance

I have been enjoying your mag for years and will continue to do so.  I just have this question for you: Why haven’t you produced “How-To” articles on drag racing safety?

Articles on rollcages, fire suppression systems, installing drag chutes, motor controller comparisons, installations, and so on. You would indirectly be promoting drag racing at a sanctioned strip and not on the street—as shown by some of your burnout photos. Just a thought about responsible journalism!

D.J. Craig
Lake Tomahawk, WI

D.J., we’re actually excited to get an email like this. We’ve been working with several manufacturers with our own dragstrip-dedicated third-gen Camaro (known as Project True 10.5) and you can expect these types of stories to be addressed. As for the burnout images, we only produce them at the track or on privately secured locations.

Detroit Speed Tech Videos

clt 01 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Website 2/3

If you’re looking for a new place for how-to videos, then head over to Detroit Speed at There you’ll find clips from their personal video library, showcasing everything from wheel backspacing, camber, and caster clips, to their latest RS headlight kits.

ProCharger to Sponsor NMCA West’s X275 Drag Radial Class

ProCharger has joined the NMCA West family by sponsoring the X275 Drag Radial class in 2012.

X275 is sure to be one of the NMCA West’s most popular classes, with crazy power-enhanced muscle cars tearing down the quarter-mile on DOT drag radial tires! X275 racers will compete for NHRA Unleashed Wallys at each event with a double-tier Wally and a Nitto Diamond Tree ring for the world champ.

ProCharger is one of the leading manufacturers of supercharger systems for your muscle car, truck, boat, and even motorcycle! One of the innovators of intercooled supercharger systems, ProCharger is used by many of the top West Coast racers.

For more information on ProCharger, log on to For more information on NMCA West, log on to or call 714.444.2426.

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out

clt 02 O  June 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Facebook 3/3

434ci Small-Block

Logan Brown: Regarding “The Bigger Mouse”, how about some turbo/intercooler action?

March ’12 Cover

Robert G. Broadbent: I just bought this mag.

Eric McClellan: This mag has a sweet yellow Camaro feature too!

Richard Allen: Awesome, can’t wait to read it!

Vern Swanson: Got it yesterday. The ’62 was one of my favorites.

John Olson: That ’64 wagon is COOL!



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