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May 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage

Mar 29, 2012
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How it Works

I love your “How It Works” articles.  When the series ends are there any plans to incorporate all the articles into a single magazine or book?  If so, put me down for one!

Lester Neidig
Via email

Lester, we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the series and we’re definitely on the same page. For what it’s worth, we have been talking about compiling the stories into an annual special, however it’s a project in progress. If anyone else is interested, then be sure to email in and let us know!

Muscle Drags USA DVD just released featuring NMCA and NMRA Action!

chp 02 O  May 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Muscle Drags 2/4

All new, RumbleRide media, in association with NMCA and NMRA, presents Muscle Drags USA, an action-packed, horsepower-crazed, 60-minute movie that showcases the fastest street-legal muscle car drag racing on the planet. Get an inside look at the wild drag racing world of the NMCA and NMRA, which features Pro Street Champion Chris Rini, Pro Outlaw 10.5 champion Mike Murillo, and the NMCA racing family affair that is Billy Adams’ Team Midnight.

Witness the track get smoked out by everything from nitrous-burning outlaws, hopped-up vintage muscle, and brand-new American muscle cars right off the showroom floor. With unlimited nonstop drag racing action, on-car camera mounts, and classic in-the-pits moments, Muscle Drags USA puts you in the driver seat for livin’ life a quarter-mile at a time at full-throttle speed. At only $9.99 plus shipping and handling, this high-rev’n DVD is a perfect gift for any occasion! To order yours, log on to or call 714.444.2426.

chp 03 O  May 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Fire 3/4

Writings on the Wall

Facebook Fans Speak Out

chp 01 O  May 2012 Chevy High Performance Garage Facebook 4/4


Jordan Laskowski: I know you folks have stickers, if I subscribe for life could I get some, ha ha?

Aaron Rogge: Just got the latest issue, the Nasty Pumpkin ’69 Chevelle is one badass ride!


Vern Swanson: I enjoyed reading about these cars. I see them perform at the autocross all the time, and it’s nice to hear a bit more about them.

Shane Lemley: A sleeper is a wagon or four-door or a car you wouldn’t expect to be fast; it’s one that runs and performs good.

Gary Fisk: That ’66 Chevelle is even more impressive in person. Congrats to Chris and Lynda for a great article. Also big thanks to CHP for their tireless work in producing a great publication.

ZL1 takes on Nürburgring

Stan Poff: Pretty damn impressive!

Mark “Papajuggalo” Watkins: I’m all over it. Where do I sign up?


Nitrous vs. supercharger
8 for nitrous
68 for supercharger



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