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Driving Is My Therapy - Road Trip

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Regardless of where you live, I think we can all agree that traffic is getting worse. Granted, some areas more so than others, but if you commute near any metropolitan city, you know what it’s like to crawl on freeways for hours on end.

Before you read too much into this, don’t write this off as a rant. I’m merely pointing out one simple fact of city life. In light of it, I’m glad we have cupholders for our coffee—or Big Gulp, if you prefer—and Bluetooth systems to keep up with important calls.

And given the number of miles being driven during the week, one would think that getting behind the wheel on the weekends would be the furthest thing on my mind. Whoa, back up! It’s quite the opposite. To unwind, some like to read, some like to work in their gardens, and others like to run—I like to drive.

First, I’m an early riser and enjoy beating the sunrise with my morning cup and especially like getting on the road while most are hibernating after the long workweek. For a brief moment, the freeways look surreal, like something out of a disaster flick. Desolate.

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Aside from the lack of stop-and-go traffic, you don’t get stuck behind a select few who are driving way under the posted speed limit, you don’t see anyone tailgating one another, nor do you have to witness people crossing in and out of the carpool lane when it’s at their convenience. Yes, it’s actually nice.

This is also the time I like to get reacquainted with my cars and the road. There’s a lot to be said for knowing your ride. I tend to check out how the suspension reacts, notice how smoothly it’ll rev (of course, this is on a good day), and even pay attention to the steering feedback on various turns. Notice I said turns and not corners; I don’t want to imply that I’m ripping around on the streets. This is about taking it easy and cruising. There’s no rush, no competition, just freedom of the road.

Whether it’s driving through Topanga Canyon toward Malibu or heading north and hitting up Pacific Coast Highway (also known as the famed Highway 1), it’s a serene feeling to hear the pipes purr and living in the moment. Yeah, driving is my therapy. How about you?



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