November 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage - Letters

Loyal Fan

I just thought I would send you an email and tell you what a great magazine you put out. I especially like the Steps articles and how clearly they are written so that everyone can understand them.

At one time I was receiving three car magazines and all the others had was a bunch of pretty pictures. Your magazine has great pictures along with the Steps articles that are most helpful to all your readers; needless to say, I canceled my subscriptions to the other magazines.

Keep up the good work. We appreciate what you are doing for our hobby.

Moline, IL

Thanks for the kind words, Bill; we certainly appreciate it! If you want to see more of what we’re up to, then check us out on Facebook at We’re always offering up sneak peeks, and we even tend to post our latest escapades.

Head Gear

Hi Chevy High,

I’m totally bummed out about a timing issue. It seems that every time I re-up my subscription to your mag, shortly after that you start offering Chevy High hats to the newbies. Basically I’m always re-upping at the wrong time. As a longtime subscriber I would almost give you my firstborn for a Chevy High hat! He’s naturally being raised right—Chevys/GM, both old and new! Thanks for the great mag!

Dave Summers
Shawnee, KS

Dave, we don’t have control over the subscription promos, but check your mail; I happen to have a new hat available and already sent it out.

Got something to say? We’ll make you famous and put your letter here. Email us at

Big Power, Small Budget

In How to Build Max-Performance Chevy Big-Blocks on a Budget, readers are met with 50 years of engine-building experience and unique insight. Like other similar titles from, readers are shown how to get the optimal machining performed, select the ideal parts, and assemble the strongest engine package for a budget of $1,900 to $15,000. This book offers a practical, methodical, and revealing approach for disassembly, machining, preparation, modification, and assembly of a big-block Chevy.

1111chp 01 O  November 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage Magazine 2/3

Through 144 pages, the book explains how to obtain maximum performance on a budget and includes eight affordable and powerful engine builds in every price range. Any enthusiast with a big-block Chevy can benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge, making this book a welcome addition to any Chevy enthusiast’s library. For more titles and information on this book, check out

Pep Boys Turns 90!

If you weren’t aware, Pep Boys has been around for 90 years. The forever-recognizable caricatures of the three Navy veterans who founded the company in 1921 changed the face of American do-it-yourselfers. To celebrate their iconic status, the Manny, Moe, and Jack mascots will make special appearances at various museums, events, and store openings across the country. In conjunction with the anniversary year, Pep Boys is launching a nationwide search for branded memorabilia to uncover previously lost or unknown artifacts from the company’s past. Found items will ultimately come to rest in permanent display at the Pep Boys corporate archives in Philadelphia. Noteworthy submissions may also be included in nationwide museum exhibits.

There’s Still Time for Goodguys!

Don’t miss out on the remaining Goodguys events in and around your area. There’s still plenty of time to haul out to some fun in the sun. Walk through the vendor’s midway, grab some fair food, or even autocross your vehicle. Check out the dates below, or

September 16-18, Indianapolis, IN
1st Wix Filters Speedway Nationals
Indianapolis Motor Speedway; rods, customs, classics, and trucks through 1972. AutoCross, Show ’n’ Shine, Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral

September 30-October 2, Ft. Worth, TX
19th Lone Star Nationals
Texas Motor Speedway; rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, and trucks through 1972. AutoCross, Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral

October 28-30, Charlotte, NC
18th Southeastern Nationals
Charlotte Motor Speedway; rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, and trucks through 1972. AutoCross, Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral

November 12-13, Pleasanton, CA
22nd Autumn Get-Together
Fairgrounds, Pleasanton; all years American-powered cars and trucks. AutoCross, Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral

November 18-20, Scottsdale, AZ
14th Southwest Nationals
WestWorld of Scottsdale; rods, customs, classics, muscle cars and trucks through 1972. Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral

November 25-27, Del Mar, CA
1st Fall Del Mar Nationals
Del Mar Fairgrounds; rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, and trucks through 1972. AutoCross, Vendors, Swap Meet, and Car Corral




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