October 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage - Letters

Modern-day Performance

Sean Haggai Sep 7, 2011 0 Comment(s)

Traverse: Expect a new interior and other minor changes on the 2013 model.

Volt: The ’13 Volt has been the subject of much debate amongst enthusiasts. It is possible the car will see some software tweaks to pull more EV range out of the car’s lithium pack, along with other small changes.

Rooster Call

Sean Haggai

Byno means do I consider myself a salesperson. Heck, I couldn’t sell anything if it were free! In these hard times, everything has a price. But how far are you willing to go to buy or sell a car? Cars come and go, and when the right opportunity turns up, go for it and don’t look back.

Lately I’ve been on a selling trend and it seems as though everyone else is too. Matter of fact, a good friend of mine recently unloaded his mint ’67 Nova for a cool $30,000. Then, when the buyers came to his house to finalize the sale, they noticed his other ’72 sitting in the garage. Guess what? They bought that one, too, for $13,500. Can you believe it? It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Considering the buyers were from Wisconsin, these two original California Novas were a gold mine.

Stuck in my selling, I even went down to the most famous swap meet of all—the Long Beach Swap Meet. There I met the boys from Hot Rod Ranch, Lompoc, California (www.hotrodranchcustoms.com), where they, too, were selling a ’68 Chevy C10 pickup project. The boys hadn’t even made it onto the fairgrounds yet before it sold for $6,300—still sitting on the trailer. You name it and the Long Beach Swap Meet will probably have it at rock-bottom prices.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to sell the ’66 El Camino project or my ’86 C10 for that matter. Instead I’m liquidating everything I don’t use, including my two-door turbo hatchback commuter car. However, I did manage to convince myself to buy another truck, a ’79 C20 “Camper Special.” It’s all original and includes the complete trim and even kicks A/C. Before I give too much away I’ll have more on that for next month’s editorial. For now my ‘86 C10 project truck is nearly done and I won’t have any need for my hatch, so it needs to go. Sure, I hate to see it go, but when you’re weighing the difference between a front-wheel drive four-banger and a 475hp street truck, you pick the latter. No regrets, all gain.


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