September 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage

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I really like what you guys have done with your Z06, and it got me thinking. It’s obviously a great handling car and has a ton of power (just like the new Z06) and GM felt it was necessary to utilize a dry-sump oiling system because of the incredible g-forces that the ’Vette could produce in stock form.

Does your Z06 need a dry-sump system? When do you know you need a dry-sump oiling system? Is it based entirely on g-forces? What kits are available and how hard are they to install? Also, how do you choose the right one?

Autocross is blowing up right now, and it’s only getting more popular. With new technology coming out all the time it’s getting easier for people to build some real autocross monsters, and some people might not realize the beastly suspension they just installed might starve the motor for oil through the corners. I would love to hear your input. You have a great magazine.

Jason Gielish

Via email

Jason, those are very interesting questions—enough so that we’re going to probe into this further for an upcoming tech piece. As for our Z06, a dry-sump system is something we’ve considered, however with our intercooler tank near where most dry-sump tanks are installed, it would require some creative thinking to make it all fit. I can tell you that we’ve consistently pulled over 1 g through left and right corners with little issues, but that doesn’t mean everything is alright.

How it works

I would like to thank you for the How It Works series. The April ’11 issue on camshafts was the best so far. For the most part I have understood what the numbers on the specs meant, but while I was reading the article a lightbulb went on, and it all began to make sense when it came to LSAs and cam deflections. Thank you and keep up the good work. 

Ned Jacobson

Davis, CA

It’s always great to hear when a story can help clarify things. A lot of our topics are picked based on reader submissions, and more often than not, we learn quite a bit from interacting with the pros in our industry. Thanks for writing in with your feedback!

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TransmissionQuest Division From AAEQ

AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers formed TransmissionQuest, a new division of the company focused on supplying a full line of transmission hard parts. TransmissionQuest will offer a full line of thoroughly inspected transmission hard parts and will include many other hard-to-find, late-model transmissions. In addition, TransmissionQuest provides heavy-duty coverage with a complete line of Allison automatic transmission cores and hard parts. For a full line of products, visit

Young Guns

1109chp 02 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage Car 2/4

Meet Jeanna Daeseleer out of Valencia, California, and her four-door ’68 Chevelle. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because her father, Matt, had his ’70 Chevelle on our February ’10 cover. Since then Matt’s been keeping us posted on their latest project. Powering Jeanna’s street machine is a small-block 350 ci with a B&M 174 supercharger, while the remainder of the drivetrain consists of a Turbo 350 transmission and a 10-bolt rearend with 3.73:1 cogs. The father-and-daughter duo are getting ready for the ’68’s maiden voyage down the quarter-mile and are shooting for high 12s!

Stainless Works Fights Multiple Sclerosis Through Auto and Aviation

1109chp 01 O  September 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage Event 3/4

Whether you are into cars, helicopters, or just great food and music, there’s something for everyone at this year’s Auburn Auto & Aviation Benefit Show. Created out of a love for fast cars and high-flying aircraft, the event features hundreds of vintage and late-model vehicles, as well as a variety of aftermarket prizes and giveaways. All proceeds from the day will benefit the National MS Society to help continue their fight against multiple sclerosis.

“It’s great to get together with fellow enthusiasts and share in our passion,” says Stainless Works’ President Ron Fuller, “and it makes the day even better knowing that the proceeds are going to such a deserving organization as the National MS Society.”




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