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Pro Touring Vs. g-Machines - What’s In A Name?

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My cohorts and I were discussing the trend of today’s muscle cars—maybe not so much as a trend, but the general direction of how cars are being built. People like to label things, which I’m just as guilty of, and once again, Pro Touring versus g-Machines came up. Some felt that g-Machine fits the scope of the vehicles better, mostly pertaining to lateral, acceleration, and braking forces.

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I never got into that term. Instead I’ve always been more of a Pro Touring fan. This is where the discussion got a bit interesting: Does the Pro in Pro Touring sound intimidating? Until someone else mentioned it, the notion never even crossed my mind. Now that I’m thinking about it, I can see how some could think it alludes to high-end builds reserved for those with deep pockets.

For what it’s worth, I’ve always looked at it from the standpoint of Pro to mean in support of, such as supporting the touring aspect or pertaining to a car that can be driven everywhere and pushed to the limit for any given situation. That’s right; I’m talking about everything from cruising across the country to competing on the road course, autocross, or dragstrip for that matter.

It all sounds so simple, but let’s face it, Pro Touring has been around for a while. At least it was first ingrained into my head toward the later part of the ’90s. And since then, Pro Touring has gone through a number of iterations, all of which stayed fairly consistent and acknowledged cars that can do it all. I know people who will argue and say that it’s still just a trend. I’ll counter that. But what about the original Pro Street cars? While those were incredibly popular during their day, I just don’t see many of them running around anymore (although, some say it’s making a comeback). For what it’s worth, Pro Street cars make great starting platforms to transform them into Pro Touring rides.

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Interestingly, during the same conversation, a well-known builder said something that stuck with me. He said that he builds a lot of cars for people who have no idea what Pro Touring or g-Machine even means; they just want a classic muscle car with all the modern-day amenities. Sounds good to me. I’m just glad to see more of these cars popping up all over the county. Now tell me, what do you call it, and do you think these type of builds will peak anytime in the near future?

“Call it what you will, be it Pro Touring or g-Machines; either way they’re cool and very functional.”

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