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Sean Haggai Jun 3, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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5.  Don’t Forget the Wheels: Thoroughly cleaning and protecting your wheels is also very important. Using a specially designed wheel cleaner and plenty of water with high pressure will also make it easier to remove all the salt and debris from each wheel.  Before choosing a wheel cleaner, make sure you are aware of the type of surface you are working on (steel, chrome, aluminum). For polishing wheels and other metal surfaces, Meguiar’s released the All Metal Wheel Polish to ensure you have the safest and most effective cleaner and protection for your wheels when they need polishing.

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Sean Haggai

It isn’t often we get a lot of dedicated help from outside shops on tech edit. For the most part, Henry and I do a lot of what goes to print from the comfort of our very own garages. We’re a jack-of-all-trades here and juggle more than just the camera. It’s a one-stop shop for parts ordering, photography, writing, and wrenching. We do it all with determination and love every grueling minute of it. Even if that means working through nights and during the weekends to hand in edit.

Speaking for myself, there has been more than one occasion where I admit I’ve lacked the knowledge to get an install done. We can’t win them all. In those cases, I’ve called in some favors, and, luckily, I have a vast network of friends and industry professionals who have been more than willing to help. Having the Chevy High name to back our efforts is a blessing as well.

If you’ve noticed, our project ’66 El Camino has been all but absent. That’s not to say we’ve given up on it. It’s actually just the opposite and we’ve been ramping up the build behind the scenes. Time has been our enemy and with so many builds and events going on, covering the El Camino went onto the back burner. I’m here to say though that it’s back!

Without going into too much detail, we’ve acquired some new friends at Hot Rod Ranch (HRR) of Lompoc, California (www.hotrodranchcustoms.com). HRR is a family run shop with three brothers, who are incredibly talented. Their builds are truly something to see, and they do it all in house. There isn’t anything the boys from the ranch can’t do. From street rods, to nostalgic drag cars, and even classic trucks, they can handle nearly any build. It’s the perfect place to pick up where we left off with the El Camino. Plus, HRR has the knowledge to tackle everything from electrical, fabrication, and paint and bodywork, too.

The good news for us is the brothers from HRR have offered to help get our ’66 El Camino back on track. This means we can finally get the ’66 running and start our testing and entering events. Sit tight; this thing is going to be one bad El Camino.


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