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'10-11 Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series

If you’re a car show buff, then you’ll appreciate the incredible number of events being held this year. Presented by Summit Racing Equipment, 37 events are scheduled from coast to coast, including the Detroit Autorama and the Chicago World of Wheels. For complete details, log onto summitracing.com and click the News & Events tab.

Date Event Location
February 11-13 40th World of Wheels Birmingham, Alabama
52nd World of Wheels Indianapolis, Indiana
51st World of Wheels Kansas City, Missouri
32nd World of Wheels Wichita Falls, Texas
61st AutoRama Sacramento, California
February 18-20 45th World of Wheels Calgary, Alberta, Canada
51st AutoRama Dallas, Texas
49th World of Wheels Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 25-27 59th Autorama Detroit, Michigan
49th Carl Casper International Championship Auto Show Louisville, Kentucky
49th World of Wheels St. Paul, Minnesota
Fraser Valley World of Wheels Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 4-6 18th Cavalcade of Cars Buffalo, New York
49th World of Wheels Chicago, Illinois
37th AutoRama Salt Lake City, Utah
March 11-13 39th Boise Roadster Show Boise, Idaho
32nd World of Wheels Des Moines, Iowa
March 18-20 45th AutoRama Cleveland, Ohio
56th World of Wheels Omaha, Nebraska
March 25-27 43rd World of Wheels Duluth, Minnesota
48th Spokane Auto, Boat, Speed Show Spokane, Washington
37th World of Wheels Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
April 1-3 37th World of Wheels Boston, Massachusetts
April 16-18 42nd Salon Auto Sport Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Record Breaker

Piloting this second-gen Camaro is Al Jimenez, who with his crew set their sights for this year’s Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas. They worked furiously to update the chassis and even gave the Camaro a matte finish. While they didn’t win the Xtreme Drag Radial class, Jimenez still walked away with two new records under his belt: breaking his own 197-mph record set nearly a year ago with a 200.14-mph run and also setting the e.t. record with a 7.24 on leaf springs! CHP

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