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April 2011 Chevy High Performance Garage - CHP Garage

Letters, news and everything else we couldn't fit anywhere else

Mar 11, 2011
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LS Fest

I attended the LS show in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and really enjoyed it. Just like you said, it was a great first-time event. I also agree that it would have been a much better turnout if the local weather guys weren’t forecasting rain for the entire weekend; I’m sure that kept a lot of people home. My wife and I even waited until almost noon on Saturday before heading out. The sun was out and we decided to take a chance and we’re glad we did!

Other than that one small shower it was a perfect day to be at the park with all those great cars. I look forward to next year and after attending several events the last couple of years at Beech Bend; I really like the facilities there. Other than getting in and out, it is a great place for car shows. And while I’m not a camper, it’s nice to have that option should you want to stay on the grounds.

Unfortunately, I’ve been away from cars for well over 30 years and my last experience was selling a ’67 Camaro to help finance a down payment on a home. I have a lot to relearn, but between surfing the web and never giving up on my passion, it’ll be fun to get back into it. The good news is that I retired back in February and recently purchased a ’68 Camaro to play with. So far it has a 383 with a Lunati camshaft, a Holley carburetor, a set of World Products cylinder heads, a manual shift Powerglide with a transbrake, and 3.73:1 gears out back.

I also want to say that I love the magazine, and maybe I can meet you next year.
Gene Grinstead
Via email

Great to hear from you Gene and we’re glad you had just as much fun as we did. Next year promises to be even bigger, and you can bet we’ll be there. Keep us posted on your latest project and be sure to look us up and say hello.

Foreign Object

My Foreign Object that will soon hold an LS engine is a ’83 Mercedes-Benz SL500, so I hope readers agree that it’s OK. But wait, we don’t build cars to suit other people, do we? Keep an eye out for it running around the streets of Orlando, Florida, next year.
Gene Price
Via email

Some may argue that it’s wrong to transplant Bow Tie mills into other brands, while others simply love it. Either way, it’s hard to argue your philosophybuild it the way you want it. Granted, you won’t see those types of builds within the pages of CHP; however, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them.

Reader’s Write

I just received this month’s issue and began reading it from cover to cover. I was surprised to see my question (Cut & Shim) and appreciate you answering it. On a side note my father, who recently died, was good with his hands, could make anything, and always said, Measure twice and cut once. Thanks again.
Anthony Obrien
Via email

Foremost we’re sorry for your loss. Also, thank you for taking the time to follow up with your initial email. It’s pretty rare to hear back from someone twice, but it’s always a pleasure when we do.

Got something to say? We’ll make you famous and put your letter here. Email us at

Build A New Tri-Five

Beginning March 1, 2011, Real Deal Steel will be offering ’57 two-door hardtop body skeletons and body shells along with ’57 Bel Air convertible body skeletons and body shells. Later in the summer, you can expect a ’55 two-door hardtop body skeleton and body shell, including a ’55 Bel Air convertible body skeleton and body shell. Also slated for production is a ’55 and ’57 two-door sedan body skeleton and body shell. A ’56 two-door hardtop and convertible, and two-door sedan will be available, but only as skeletons.

For the do-it-yourselfer, body skeletons are economic and ideal. The skeleton is the complete body, less outer quarters, outer rockers, doors and door hinges, and deck lid. Hardtop and sedan models start at $9,500 retail while convertibles start at $11,500.

CHPP 110400 GARAGE 01 Hdtif1295574556860943 2/4

Should you want a more complete and ready-to-go package, the entire body structure, floor, firewall, doors and hinges, trunk floor, trunk lid, tailpan, rear window to trunk panel, trunk hinges, trunk walls, wheelhousings, outer quarter-panels, outer quarter to trunk panels,inner and outerrockers, roof structure and top skin with driprails will be offered fully assembled, welding completed, doors prehung and fitted, deck lid prehung and fitted. Hardtops and sedan body shells will retail from $11,500 while convertible shells will retail from $13,500. All are assembled in the USA and delivered to the customer in bare steel.

Bodies can be ordered now through Woody’s Hot Rodz of Bright, Indiana, who also has developed full roller packages and complete turnkey cars that include either an Art Morrison chassis or the all-new Woody’s Hot Rodz Full Wood gasser straight-axle chassis. For more information about purchasing bodies, chassis, or rollers, contact Woody’s at 855.567.1957 or visit

Rooster Call

Sean Haggai

My daily routine is mundane to say the least. It involves four main components: eating, sleeping, working, and finally what I like to call, gymin’ it up. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Get me a T-shirt, a pair of Dickies pants, some Chuck Taylors, and I’m pretty much set to roll. Nothing too flashy or exciting on my end of the spectrum. Besides, it’s the little things that we do outside of work that bring the most normality, right? I can’t say I live the rock star lifestyle. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Mine is modest and mostly solitary. When I get a chance for some me time, I take it.

chp_06_o January_2011_chevy_high_performance_garage Photo 3/4

Case in point, over the weekend after shooting one of our tech stories, it was off to the gym as usual. Except, on this one occasion I was heading off to gym it up on a weekend and later than usual. For me, the gym has been a way to stay healthy and break up some monotony from the daily grind. It also affords me the opportunity to give my noodle-brain a chance to focus on something a little different for a change; a reset, if you will. Other than wrenching on the magazine project vehicles, it’s quite honestly the only thing I actually really look forward to doing on a daily basis without any hesitation.

That Saturday night turned out to be a complete letdown though. After a full day of shooting, I rushed home to prep for the gym. By the time I had gotten to the gym’s parking lot, it was mostly empty. It was a good sign, and I even managed to pull into the first parking lot nearest the entrance. By the time I had walked through the doors (8:10 p.m.) the place was a complete ghost town. Perfect! No one to bug me and the floor was clear to make my rounds with the weights. They even had the good music on and I began to complete some warm-up sets. What I didn’t realize was that my good fortune really meant the gym was closed. I was the only person in thereliterally. It quickly became obvious that I was not only alone, but the only one willing to work out during closing time too. I stood there for a bit, took a long disappointing breath, dipped my head in shame, and soldiered back out. Since then I’ve learned how to read the Hours of Operation sign posted on the door. How’s that for mundane?

'10-11 Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series

If you’re a car show buff, then you’ll appreciate the incredible number of events being held this year. Presented by Summit Racing Equipment, 37 events are scheduled from coast to coast, including the Detroit Autorama and the Chicago World of Wheels. For complete details, log onto and click the News & Events tab.

Date Event Location
February 11-13 40th World of Wheels Birmingham, Alabama
52nd World of Wheels Indianapolis, Indiana
51st World of Wheels Kansas City, Missouri
32nd World of Wheels Wichita Falls, Texas
61st AutoRama Sacramento, California
February 18-20 45th World of Wheels Calgary, Alberta, Canada
51st AutoRama Dallas, Texas
49th World of Wheels Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 25-27 59th Autorama Detroit, Michigan
49th Carl Casper International Championship Auto Show Louisville, Kentucky
49th World of Wheels St. Paul, Minnesota
Fraser Valley World of Wheels Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 4-6 18th Cavalcade of Cars Buffalo, New York
49th World of Wheels Chicago, Illinois
37th AutoRama Salt Lake City, Utah
March 11-13 39th Boise Roadster Show Boise, Idaho
32nd World of Wheels Des Moines, Iowa
March 18-20 45th AutoRama Cleveland, Ohio
56th World of Wheels Omaha, Nebraska
March 25-27 43rd World of Wheels Duluth, Minnesota
48th Spokane Auto, Boat, Speed Show Spokane, Washington
37th World of Wheels Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
April 1-3 37th World of Wheels Boston, Massachusetts
April 16-18 42nd Salon Auto Sport Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Record Breaker

Piloting this second-gen Camaro is Al Jimenez, who with his crew set their sights for this year’s Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas. They worked furiously to update the chassis and even gave the Camaro a matte finish. While they didn’t win the Xtreme Drag Radial class, Jimenez still walked away with two new records under his belt: breaking his own 197-mph record set nearly a year ago with a 200.14-mph run and also setting the e.t. record with a 7.24 on leaf springs! CHP

CHPP 110400 GARAGE SH 01tif1295574580668309 4/4



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