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It’s hard to believe we’re well into October and already more than halfway finished with the February issue--that’s right, the one you’re holding now. Just a moment ago, I was scanning the list of cities I’ve visited this year; 2010 seemed to be especially action-packed in the event department. You name the location and there’s a good chance I was thereand if for some reason I wasn’t, I bet we were well represented by staffer Haggai or our team of dedicated freelancers.

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There was one trend that really stood out at this year’s events: the weather. To say that it was challenging at times would be a complete understatement. No matter where or when, the rain clouds seemed to follow us around. I’d like to believe it wasn’t us bringing the rain, and honestly, most of the temperamental weather left town as fast as it crept in. Usually, Fridays would end up being a wash, but by Saturday afternoon the sun was shining and we were back to business, shooting event coverage and on the prowl for potential feature cars.

So what’s left in 2010? Quite a bit, actually. Before 2011 drops, we’ll be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, followed by the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. And to close out our travel season, we’ll be at the PRI show in Orlando, Florida. It may seem busyand it isbut it’s the best way to interact with readers like you, and that’s the most rewarding aspect of the job.

Looking back, I guess this was a long-winded way of answering one of the most commonly asked questions: How do I get my car featured in the magazine? The answer should be obvious by now: just show up at the events. Put the fear of inclement weather aside and get out there; we’ll be running around, camera in hand, and chances are we’ll get enough of a clearing to make the shoot happen.

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Even if you’re not trying to make the pages of CHP, the next time you see either myself or anyone from our staff at an event, be sure to say hello and give us some feedback. We’re always happy to talk shop and as I’ve said before: Chevy High Performance is your magazine. I may be lucky enough to be the captain of this ship, but the reality is, priority number one is to deliver the stories you want to read most.

If there’s an event we’ll be there, rain or shine.

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