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Rooster Call
Sean Haggai

It seems like the most obvious solution to a problem is the easiest one; on second thought, maybe not. To back up a bit, consuming large amounts of breakfast on Sunday mornings with my family has remained a staple in the realm of weekly duties. It’s just what my dad has done since I can remember. Huge breakfast items like eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, you name it and it’s there. Most of the breakfast consists of reading the morning paper and discussing the happenings during the past week.

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On this particular outing, we had my best friend over to help digest the piles of food. Everything was going smoothly until this annoying car alarm went off. At first, it was no big deal. Shortly thereafter, the alarm turned off and we went back to enjoying our Sunday breakfast. Then, the alarm went off again and began to irritate us even more. Just as soon as it had shut off it came back on again. We started to question the IQ of the car’s owner and their ability to operate the alarm system. After a healthy five minutes of the car alarm turning on and off and ruining our blissful pig-out session, I realized one strange thing that was my car and that was my alarm. I had no idea it was my alarm going off. As the alarm was blaring, I ran outside to check the windows and doors. Using my second set of remote keys, I attempted to disarm the system but to no avail. In a panic, I began to run through the financial scenarios in my head. Considering my turbo hatch was far out of warranty, and had miles of electrical wiring, I had little hope for a speedy solution. I even tried starting the engine to shut the alarm off, but nothingI just couldn’t win.

In an attempt to reset the car’s ECU, I popped the hood and disconnected the battery, hoping this would solve the problem. Hours later, I was busy doing laundry and pulling clothes from the washing machine. What did I find? Of course, my original keys. Without knowing, I had thrown the keys into the washing machine by mistake, which was setting off the alarm the whole time. Easy enough, right? Next, time I’ll be more aware of what I’m doing, before rushing to any drastic conclusions.


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