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Pro Touring

I am a relatively new subscriber, and your magazine is great. I’m interested in starting a project car, but I’d like to clearly understand how I’d use the vehicle. I like the Pro Touring concept. However, I can’t find any rules governing this class (similar to Pro Street or Street Touring with the SCCA). Several of the cars in your magazine appear to be great Street Touring cars (for example, Brian Finch’s Camaro from June ’10, and Eric David’s Camaro from Nov. ’10), but would be placed in a SCCA Prepared Class (against purpose-built, nonstreetable vehicles). If I build a Pro Touring vehicle, what rules should it follow, and where could I use it (outside of cruising)? I’m looking for events the common guy can attend.
Milwaukee, WI

It’s always good to hear that the cars we feature are inspiring others to build something for themselves. As for where you can compete with Pro Touringstyle cars, that’ll ultimately be up to you. As you’ve already noted, the SCCA has strict rules to keep parity between competitors and over the years have successfully refined their rules to keep competition close. The events that we’ve been covering lately have been limited to treadwear and vehicle years. Keep in mind that these events are growing quickly, and I can see specified rules for different classes. Until then, I would suggest building the car you like and hitting up every event that comes your way, including any qualifiers for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational or any number of Goodguys’ shows with autocross events. Believe me, these events make everyone feel welcome, and you’ll have a blast!

LS Swaps

First of all, I’d like to say that you guys put out a top-notch publication (which is why I subscribe). Second, thanks to Kevin McClelland for Performance Q&A; it’s the first thing I read every month. The point of this letter is your request for opinions to the Foreign Objects paragraph concerning LS swaps into overseas (read: import) vehicles. I say, Bring it on! I’ve seen, in person, some very tasteful swaps, one of which was an LS2 into the last iteration of the RX-7. Imagine an aftermarket 3-inch pipe singing to the tune of a healthy LSmusic to my ears. The best swap that I’ve seen was at a show in Michigan at Lane Automotive where a guy had a Mazda Miata with a swap done by Jackson Racing and featured an all-stock Corvette LS1, F-body T-56 transmission, and rear centersection from a Cadillac CTS. All outward appearances pointed to minor mods to a normal Miata, until you looked underhood and the power-to-weight ratio starts to sink in. The car looked like it was meant to be that way! A lightweight car with a powerful V-8 has always been the best recipe for a killer car. If you already have a rust-free (you’re lucky), rear-drive import that has room for any Chevy drivetrainI say do it! We all dare you ’cause you’ll never be the same after.
John Oliver
Cary, IL

LS Fest Contender

I attended the LS Fest with my Corvairs and had a great time. The event went very well for the inaugural year at a nice facility. Talk about a great program with nice people! I was drag racing and competed in the True Street program. I just wanted to say that my son and I had a very fun time and we’re looking forward to next year!
Mike Meyers
Via email

We’re glad you had a great time and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes out for you next year! Thanks for the letter.

Malibu Rollers

I just received this month’s issue and there is a silver ’80-model Malibu that Mast Motorsports dropped in one of their LS7s into it. I would love to know what size the front wheel and tire combination is on that car. Any help would be wonderful, and I love your magazine.
Sevierville, TN

We called Mast Motorsports and learned that the front rollers are 15x4 Billet Specialties Street Light wheels with 26x8.50 Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires. The rear features the same wheel, measuring in at 15x10 with 6.5-inch backspacing and rides on a pair of 28x12.50 Mickey Thompson ET Streets. If you want to fit the large rollers out back, it’ll require mini-tubs.

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