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Local Heroes
I got my latest issue of Chevy High Performance and what a fantastic surprise to see my El Camino in the Local Heroes section. The sidebar write up was fantastic; "Sensible Shoe," what a great way to describe the El Camino. It is all that and more to me.

Considering the structure and content of your great publication it is obvious why I and so many others look forward to every issue. With the current economic climate being what it is, it is very difficult to relate to the ultra high dollar projects. You guys constantly emphasize that even into today's world there is still much that can be accomplished with a gearhead mentality and some logical planning. With money tight everywhere, keeping the dream alive is more challenging that ever but Chevy High Performance exemplifies that there is more than one way to beat the slump. Thanks again and keep up the great effort.
Harald K. Weldon
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Swap It
I just finished reading your article about plumbing repair in your home and it reminded me of a similar story.

My dad told me a story of how after a weekend of drag racing his then-new '66 Chevelle SS began running very poorly. He changed the points and plugs and the car ran better, but still had a miss under load. His dad (my granddad) kindly recommended that he change the plugs again for good measure. Convinced the plugs were not the problem my dad looked to the wires, carb, then the fuel pump, filter, etc. Two days later my granddad finally offered to buy the plugs if dad would put them in. Reluctantly my dad agreed, knowing that the plugs were not the problem since they were brand new. Sure enough after the new plugs were installed, the car ran like new. Guess its possible get a bad plug every now and then.

Fast forward 43 years, and my old trusted '92 Chevrolet half ton had developed a severe miss. My dad bought the truck new in 1992 and I bought it from him when I graduated college. After nearly 300,000 miles, it's safe to say the truck is somewhat sentimental. First, I changed the plugs, cap, and rotor with a little improvement, but still a miss. Next, I moved to the injectors and wires. No luck there either.

Thinking I might have a broken rocker arm or ring, I decided to do a compression check. Every cylinder checked in around 195 psi! Totally dejected, I called my dad to see if he had any advice. "Change the plugs," he says. I told him they were new, but he insisted I change them. To appease dad, I changed the plugs and voilà! She runs like new. Who would have known that we would have experienced the same problem so many years later! Guess we should listen to these old-timers from time to time. They may not be professionals, but they definitely know a thing or two.
Gil Edwards
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Black & White
How about three engines, five transmissions, and 30,000 original miles? Yeah, it sounded a little weird to us too. But that's what happens when your life is destined to be the test-training vehicle for the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Aside from the unmistakable black & white paint scheme, this Camaro's got a new life to live as an autocross hero as soon as it was purchased at an auction. We stumbled upon this Camaro during the Holley LS Fest. The CHP already outfitted the 'Maro's interior with a fitted rollbar and reproduction CHP decals, and a light bar on its way!

1101chp_02_o January_2011_chevy_high_performance_garage Camaro 2/5




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