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Holley LS Fest Editorial - On The Road Again

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I have a habit of writing editorials on my return flights after events. Not tonight, because I'm still so hyped over this year's inaugural Holley LS Fest. Tonight I'm cooling off in the hotel room with the A/C cranking, overlooking plush greenery in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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My initial thoughts are that it was very organized for a first-time adventure; they had an able-bodied staff who had the schedule down. The biggest hamper was the rain, which seemed relentless on Friday. Even so, it didn't stop people from splashing through the autocross course. And lucky for us, Mother Nature gave in a little and allowed a few cars to get down the dragstrip for a quick test-and-tune session. Come Saturday, the sun was shining and all was a go, save for a brief 20-minute rain/shower intermission. After that, you couldn't have asked for better weather. And for the folks who braved the initial weather hiccup, they were greeted with an incredible weekend filled with LS-powered machines.

We also hosted three of our own events, dubbed the Chevy High Noon Shootout, featuring an 8.5-inch-tire heads-up race on Friday, an autocross on Saturday, and the show-and-shine for Sunday. Unfortunately, our 8.5 race was called due to the weather, but the remainder of the show was quite spectacular.

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Seriously, I can't get rid of the grin on my face, and I really need to since this sunburn is killing me. I have to say that I've gone to a lot of events and this one genuinely had a little bit of something for everyone. And like shows I used to attend nearly 10 years ago, we had several sister magazines hanging out and joining the fun. That's right; this was an excellent opportunity to meet the editors of Hot Rod, Camaro Performers, Car Craft, and Popular Hot Rodding. If you don't attend very many shows, trust me and mark your calendars for next year, because this is one you don't want to miss.

Before I leave you this month, I want to know if you were you there. If so, email me at and tell me how the event went for you. We'll definitely forward your feedback directly to the folks at Holley, and I can guarantee they'll appreciate your thoughts. As for the show coverage, you can expect that in the upcoming March issue, but for now, be sure to log on to our website at, where I'll post up a video sneak peek of one of our competitors flying through the autocross course.



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